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Pactflow | Distributed systems testing made easy
The first contract-testing platform for collaborating on and testing distributed systems
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Pacto helps you test consumers by both validating and stubbing services. This helps you decouple tests to reduce test times and non-deterministic test failures without losing confidence in your test suite. You can also design compatibility tests for similar consumers. You can use Consumer-Driven Contracts to ensure you're providers are well tested without losing agility. Pacto will test the provider implementation and make sure it complies with the same contract used to stub the service for consumers.
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Introduction - Pact
Pact is a contract testing tool. Contract testing is a way to ensure that services (such as an API provider and a client) can communicate with each other. Without contract testing, the only way to know that services can communicate is by using expensive and brittle integration tests. Contract testing is immediately applicable anywhere where you have two services that need to communicate - such as an API client and a web front-end. Although a single client and a single service is a common use case, contract testing really shines in an environment with many services (as is common for a microservice architecture). Having well-formed contract tests makes it easy for developers to avoid version hell. Contract testing is the killer app for microservice development and deployment. In general, a contract is between a consumer (for example, a client that wants to receive some data) and a provider (for example, an API on a server that provides the data the client needs). In microservice architectures, the traditional terms client and server are not always appropriate -- for example, when communication is achieved through message queues. For this reason, we stick to consumer and provider in this documentation.
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