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/dev/lawyer Deprecation Notice: MIT and BSD
MIT and BSD open source licenses are well known, popular, and legally deprecated. They served long and well, but they’re older than many open source software developers, and haven’t been maintained.
With licenses like Blue Oak available, it’s time open source upgraded from academic forms of the ’80s. There are good social, practical, and especially legal reasons to do so.
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8 days ago by Vaguery
Money Stuff: $10,000 for reading the fine print
> The conventional approach to form contracts is (1) no one reads them but (2) the company pretends that everyone reads them and makes an informed decision to accept their terms. If you’re the company sending out the contracts, it seems kind of risky to undermine that convention.
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11 days ago by cote
API Gateways are going through an identity crisis – – Medium
"API Gateways are going through a bit of an identity crisis these days.

Are they centralized, shared resources that facilitate the exposure and governance of APIs to external entities?
Are they cluster ingress sentries that tightly control what user traffic comes into the cluster or leaves it?
Or are they some kind of API coalescing glue to more succinctly express an API depending on the type of clients it may have?
And of course the elephant in the room and a question I often hear: “does service mesh make API gateway obsolete?”"
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25 days ago by earth2marsh
Open legal documents, provided and trusted by people like you. Find or upload a document, sign it for free.
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28 days ago by tedw
Axiom to Go Public, Applying for IPO and Spinning Off Two Businesses | Legaltech News
Axiom spun off its data analytics arm Knowable and legal solutions platform Axiom Managed Solutions last week (February 12) in preparation for the move.

The company currently employs over 2000 people globally, and in 2017 reported revenue of $300 million, according to CEO Elena Donio.

Ashurst recruited Axiom‘s services in 2016 as part of a drive to offer further regulatory advice to the law firm’s banking clients, in what was the legal services provider’s first official law firm partnership.

In 2016, Mishcon de Reya hired Axiom’s London general manager Nick West as its chief strategy officer at the firm.

The application comes amid a raft of alternative legal service business movement in the market and an increasing interest in law firms floating.

Earlier this month Big 4 accountant EY signed a deal to begin using Slaughter and May-backed artificial intelligence company Luminance across its global legal network.

And DWF has joined several law firms moving to offer an alternative business proposition by cementing its aim to float on the London Stock Exchange.
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29 days ago by JordanFurlong

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