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The Benefits Behind Building with Roof Trusses
Why are trusses so trendy? Keep reading to discover the benefits behind building with roof trusses.
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4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Global | VanHack
Company focused on sourcing and managing engineers in Brazil and India for you. Via LHV founders list
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12 weeks ago by jamiew
Wembley Stadium, London - Verdict Designbuild
The new Wembley Stadium opened to the public on 9 March 2007. The all-seat stadium is owned by the Football Association (FA) and operated by its subsidiary Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL). Construction of the new Wembley Stadium, which began in October 2002, was at times controversial. The aim of the project was to design and build a state-of-the-art national stadium, unlike any other in the world, which would be the home of English football and to host large events such as Cup Finals, music events and athletics.
*The stadium, with a retractable roof and a 135m high arch, visible throughout London, stands as an association football venue in Wembley Park in London. With 90,000 seats it is the largest stadium to have every seat under cover.
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february 2019 by spencertree
Palantir CEO Alex Karp says he learns of a stopped terror attack weekly (Business Insider)
Alex Karp, the CEO of Palantir, the big-data startup said to be looking at an IPO this year, spoke about its role in investigating terrorist attacks. (Business Insider)
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february 2019 by mjb
Top 100 Construction Companies 2018 | Construction Company Directory
Carillion’s collapse at the beginning of this year left a gaping hole in the list of Top 100 construction firms. But while other companies have stepped in to fill the space at the top, damage further down the supply chain has been extensive. Steve Menary assesses the prospects for the sector and reviews the financial performance of the new Top 100
*A list of the Top 100 contractors without Carillion on it seems strange. A year ago, turnover of £5.2bn easily made Carillion the UK’s second-biggest contractor. But we all know the old stock market adage that “turnover is vanity; profit is sanity” and Carillion failed to heed it. The company imploded spectacularly at the start of this year and is now gone.
*The shockwaves from Carilion’s collapse continue to reverberate and while, at a glance, the results of this year’s Top 100 suggest steady trading at the top end, the underlying picture is more complicated.
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february 2019 by spencertree

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