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How to Find Consulting Clients
The good news is that there is a relatively straightforward path for finding new clients. Yes, it takes some time, and yes, it can be a bit of a grind - but you can get there. Here's how.
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15 days ago by incredimike
IR35 Jargon Buster for Contractors - Download your FREE Guide
IR35 has always been a bit of a pain. It isn’t something that many need to worry about, although everyone in the contracting world should understand what IR35 is and the difference between working on a contract both inside and outside of IR35.
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5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Human Capital Needs for the Department of Defense Operational Contract Support Planning and Integration Workforce
Oct 2017 Rand report
The United States relies on contractors to fill support roles in theaters of conflict to an extent that is unprecedented in modern history. Contractors provide supplies and perform a variety of other functions, including security (personal security details, convoy security, and static site security), logistical support, weapon and equipment upkeep and maintenance, intelligence, communication, transportation, construction, engineering, and base support operations and maintenance. It is important to ensure that these operational contract support (OCS) capabilities are available when needed for operations, but U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) oversight and planning for OCS activities is decentralized, making it difficult to determine manpower and training requirements for these DoD activities. This comprehensive review of the DoD OCS planning and integration workforce shows that some doctrinally mandated OCS planning and integration tasks are not being performed by DoD personnel, that personnel across the force receive limited training in OCS, and that there are several human capital approaches to address these shortfalls. Staffing estimates, findings, and recommendations were informed by an exhaustive review of OCS-related policy, doctrine, and training materials, as well as survey responses and interviews with experts. The result is a clearer picture of staffing requirements for the OCS planning and integration workforce and gaps in awareness, training, and career path options.
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july 2019 by strohps
DBI Permit Tracking System | Department of Building Inspection
Pro tip: do a search by your contractor’s license number
if they get a lot of corrections on the permits, then they don’t have a good relationship or they do dodgey things
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july 2019 by earth2marsh
A Solar Guide for Condominium Owners and Associations in Massachusetts
nominally MA-specific, but offers a great overview of the steps in the process of doing a small-commercial solar installation
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july 2019 by aaronbeekay - Hire Elite Freelance Technical Talent
Hire elite freelance remote software developers, designers, & product managers. @GUNdotIO
june 2019 by dberesford

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