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8 days ago by jitgo
Growth Geeks
Growth Geeks is an online marketplace for high quality, vetted marketing services.
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14 days ago by kpieper876
Free Legal Documents
Create an in minutes using a fillable PDF editor.
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14 days ago by kpieper876
Consulting Agreement Template - Get Free Sample
In consideration for the Consulting Services, the Client shall pay the Consultant at the rate of [WRITTEN DOLLAR AMOUNT] dollars ($[NUMERICAL DOLLAR AMOUNT]) per [TIME FRAME]. The Consultant shall invoice the Client once every [TIME FRAME] and such invoices shall be due and payable within [TIME FRAME] days of the Client’s receipt of the invoice.
consulting  template  contract  document  agreement 
17 days ago by wmeredith
The Surprising Benefits of Relentlessly Auditing Your Life
Before the spreadsheet, I had an idea I think many share: Marriage and family should more or less work. If you’re with the “right” person and you’ve made the “right” choices, your family life shouldn’t require a lot of discussion or effort. Your spouse should know that you need alone time and should give it to you. The appointments you keep in your head, the family social schedule you juggle — all of it should be noticed and appreciated. Good marriages and happy families are born of love and care, not spreadsheets and a daily happiness score.
Culture  Quantification  Contract 
24 days ago by crbassett
Kotlin Contracts: Make Great Deals With The Compiler! 🤜🤛
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
contract  kotlin 
27 days ago by lgtout
Help Yourself and the Compiler with Contracts
Kotlin contracts represent a deal between developer and compiler. You can share insights with the compiler, and it can use this for better code analysis.
contract  kotlin 
28 days ago by lgtout

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