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Before Obergefell: Some Thoughts on How We Got Here | Theopolis Institute (Alastair Roberts)
When openness to procreation becomes an optional extra for sexual relations—because we now have the power to avoid it, the natural procreative potential of sexual relations is now (mistakenly) cast as if it were a choice—the place of children in marriage is changed. Marriage has always had sexual union at its heart. When sexual relations are normally sterile, however, the sexual union of marriage comes to be regarded as if it were fundamentally only about expression of personal intimacy between spouses, rather than entrance into a relation of shared openness to children, the procreative potential being integral to the nature of the union.

Most such couples will choose to have children, but, as sex and procreation are detached, this comes to be perceived as a choice to add a second story to their relationship, rather than as a development of a potential naturally integral to the sexual union and commitment of their marriage. This makes it difficult for people to recognize the essential difference between marital relations between a husband and wife and the sort of ‘marital’ relations a same-sex couple might have. Also, when children are chiefly regarded in terms of ‘choice’, the use of surrogacy, donated gametes, and reproductive technology is normalized and no longer regarded as a significant departure.

When, on account of the conceptual division of sex from procreation, marriage isn’t regarded to involve a commitment to a posture of openness to the possibility of children, the connection between the marital bond and the bond between parents and children will be reconceived. The natural connection between sex and procreation relates to the natural connection between marital union and the parental bond: sever the former and the latter is weakened. Children are the natural extension and icon of their parents’ pledge of their bodies to each other in marital union. However, through the separation of sex and procreation, children are increasingly perceived as choices that are no longer naturally integral to the marital union.
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Sex in Zero Gravity - Alastair Roberts reviews Regenerus' "Cheap Sex"
A sustained and frequently deeply perceptive exploration of the forces that give rise to our sexual landscape. His analysis is alert and attentive to human nature in ways that set it apart from many other works in the genre. His instinct for the human dynamics that give rise to larger cultural patterns can be seen in several interviews where his insightful yet gentle questioning elicits minor epiphanies for the participants.
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CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity - The Washington Post
The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in any official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.
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THIS YEAR: Use of modern in FP2020 focus countries prevented 84M unintended pregnancies, 26M unsafe…
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Does Parents' Access to Family Planning Increase Children's Opportunities? Evidence from the War on Poverty and the Early Years of Title X
Using the county-level introduction of U.S. family planning programs between 1964 and 1973, we find that children born after programs began had 2.8% higher household incomes. They were also 7% less likely to live in poverty and 12% less likely to live in households receiving public assistance. After accounting for selection, the direct effects of family planning programs on parents’ incomes account for roughly two thirds of these gains.
october 2017 by brycecovert
What comes in 66 sizes and vegan latex? The new generation of condoms | Life and style | The Guardian
The newest of these innovations to hit the market is a condom that comes in 66 different sizes, called MyOne, that launched in the US earlier this month and will land in the UK on Valentine’s Day next year. “Size is a problem,” says Davin Wedel, CEO of Global Protection Corp, MyOne’s manufacturer. “You can add studs and ribs and shapes to condoms, but it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you add, or how much thinner you make them, unless you fix the fact that they don’t fit the majority of men.”

The average condom length is about 185mm (7.3in; in the industry, condoms are measured in millimetres). That decision was made by regulators who erred on the side of longer penises, to make sure as many as possible were protected from STIs. But a review of existing penis-size studies from across the world found the average length of an erect penis to be 131.2mm (5.2in) – in fact, a US study found lengths varied from 40mm to 260mm (1.6in to 10.2in), with more than 80% coming in at shorter than your average condom. “If you have a very small penis, or a very large one, you cannot buy a condom to be protected,” says Wedel. Condoms that are too long have to be rolled up, which can feel like an uncomfortably tight rubber band around the base of the penis; condoms that are too baggy can feel humiliating and can slip off; condoms that are too short don’t protect the base of the penis from skin-to-skin contact STDs; condoms that are too tight can feel constricting. Average-sized condoms, says Wedel, only cover around 12% of men. MyOne condoms will come in a range of 10 lengths and 10 circumferences, and customers can calculate their own size by printing a measuring kit off the website.

...Graphene’s hexagonal molecular structure was also the inspiration for the invention of Hex, a condom launched by Lelo, the Swedish brand best known for its designer sex toys; a 36 pack costs $45.90 online. “Our biggest single discovery was that it wasn’t the material or shape that needed to change, it was the structure,” says Steve Thomson, Lelo’s global marketing director. Hex’s USP is its specially produced latex with raised interconnected hexagons on the inside of the condom, meaning the surface holds to the penis without constricting, “like a tread on Formula One tyres when you’re driving in the wet”, says Thomson. This, he says, transforms how the condom feels: “Our clinical studies have proved that more than 73% of users could tell the difference. But because of the laws surrounding condom marketing, you’re not allowed to speak to the pleasure benefits.” Companies are not allowed to promote their condoms as “more pleasurable”, because it is a difficult quality to quantify.

But, of course, pleasure is what this is all about. And that, Charles Powell says, is what makes his invention stand apart from all the others. The Vietnam veteran turned oil rig worker turned film producer turned condom inventor says the other developers have “just rearranged the deckchairs on the Titanic, because they all cover the full penis. They’re not going to increase condom usage, because nobody likes them. I’m the only game in town, the only product that will raise condom usage around the world, because people want to wear the Galactic Cap.”

The Galactic Cap, so called because “the pleasure is out of this world”, is made of polyurethane (used in some condoms) and fits over the top of the penis, securing like a plaster, using a medical-grade adhesive, capturing the semen in an airtight reservoir. Powell says it protects both against pregnancy and, so long as there are no sores or abrasions on the penis, against any STDs that are not transmitted by skin to skin contact. “This is a stop gap between wearing a full condom and not using anything. If you know who you’re with and you feel safe, and your partner doesn’t want to use hormonal birth control, this can be a great thing.”
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october 2017 by thegrandnarrative
The Children of the Missed Pill
ue to the price hike, the weekly birth rate increased by 4%
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