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Yubl's road to Serverless architecture - overview |
Some good stuff in this experience report. Call outs to GOOS for their testing strategy (heavy use of integration & acceptance tests). I liked their strategy for how to organize the code by focusing on cohesion between services. Reminds me of the package principles.
programming  serverless  aws  lambda  distributed  continuousintegration  continuousdeployment 
9 days ago by jefframnani
Exploring the potential of friction-free deployments
Deploying should not be daunting. It should be mundane. The excitement should come from releasing something new to the world, not from wondering if the release is going to work as planned.
CI  clevermarks  ContinuousIntegration  automation  deployment  Netlify 
13 days ago by nhoizey
Kubernetes anti-patterns: Let's do GitOps, not CIOps!
When we speak to customers about deployment automation for Kubernetes, we often see an anti-pattern that is not fully understood by most of the folks who implement it. In fact, the majority of Kubernetes CI/CD tutorials out there prescribe exactly this anti-pattern.
continuousintegration  deployment  devops  ci  docker  kubernetes 
14 days ago by dlkinney
Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS
"BackstopJS, an npm package created for visual regression testing. It uses configuration files to target specific URLs and CSS selectors, and takes both reference and test screenshots to compare against each other. BackstopJS also runs a report that shows the screenshot comparison, and includes information like how much the comparison failed by."
visual  regression  test  continuousIntegration  design 
24 days ago by nhoizey
Percy | Continuous visual reviews for web apps
"Solving visual testing across design, development, and deployment."
visual  design  test  regression  continuousIntegration  RWD 
24 days ago by nhoizey

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