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Yes silver bullet
Since Fred Brooks published his essay, I believe that we, contrary to his prediction, have witnessed several silver bullets.
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14 days ago by mreinbold
The new setup for 2019 |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog
The new setup for 2019 is packed with exciting features that are too good to keep to ourselves. Since the infrastructure code is already public and has been running for a few months now, the value that we are sharing is proven to us.
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29 days ago by johnkacz
The new setup for 2019
Simple setup. Seems solid. And:
There are no infrastructure operators at developers are operators.

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march 2019 by andrewsardone
Microservices: Stone Soup for the Enterprise – Capital One Tech – Medium
You can try to improve your organization directly, by proposing more automation and cross-team collaboration. But don’t be surprised if things go easier if you start with a magic stone.
jon_bodner  microservices  netapinotes  continuous_delivery 
february 2019 by mreinbold
GoCD on Google Kubernetes Engine Using Terraform – Google Cloud Platform - Community – Medium
GoCD is a pretty cool CD tool developed by ThoughtWorks. I’ve been digging into Continuous Delivery a bunch lately and I figured if I wanted a tool to align with it I’d try this one since you know…
gocd  kubernetes  gcp  cd  continuous_delivery 
january 2019 by alabra

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