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Get stuff done with Kubernetes | Argo
Open source Kubernetes native workflows, events, CI and CD
argo  kubernetes  devops  workflow  ci  cd  continuous  integration  delivery  software  programming 
2 days ago by vicchow
Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects
Really excellent guide that teaches you a lot about how to set up a server that can act as a Jenkins master or slave for building and testing PHP projects.
jenkins  howto  guide  reference  php  projects  tools  job  template  continuousintegration  continuous  integration  configuration  automation  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  testing 
17 days ago by racl101
T-Mobile Open Source
PacBot is a platform for continuous security and compliance assessment, reporting and automation. It assesses our infrastructure against security best practices and T-Mobile internal security and governance policies. We use it to ensure adherence across all of our AWS accounts. PacBot also has ‘auto fixes’ to automatically respond to critical security policy violations.

Policy violations identified by PacBot are presented to asset owners via simple dashboards. These dashboards that make it easy to remediate the issues found. With PacBot we have eliminated the manual drudgery of compliance assessment letting us invest more time mitigating risks and addressing the gaps found.
continuous  security  compliance  assessment  cloud  infosec  policy 
5 weeks ago by wck
7 Promises, and Potential Pitfalls, in Adopting a Cloud Native Approach to DevOps
"What’s Wrong with That: DevOps is only DevOps, I’m told, when it automates the development and operation of all applications. If we go subdividing our processes into the cloud native ones and the not-so-cloud-native ones, then we run the risk of rebuilding the silos we thought we had already disassembled.

Put another way, it would be wrong to create a DevOps for only one pool of development. Now, maybe it’s feasible to implement such a methodology if and only if the organization will develop only cloud native apps throughout its entire existence. But to restrain the organization to any single platform, I’m told, is antithetical to another of the goals of DevOps: to decouple processes from infrastructure."
analysis  technology  top  stories  cloud-native  continuous  integration  and  deployment  devops 
9 weeks ago by jonerp
Doing DevOps the Cloud Native Way
"One of the dangers of the microservices approach, if we take this train of thought to its extreme, is that it could frame the entire scenario of an enterprise’s software from the exclusive perspective of the developer. Since cloud native platforms are marketed towards developers’ interests, the result is that, at the minimum, Ops professionals could feel left out. And at the maximum, they could be left out."
ebook  series  article  technology  top  stories  cloud-native  continuous  integration  and  deployment  devops 
9 weeks ago by jonerp

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