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This robot uses lasers to ‘listen’ to its environment | TechCrunch
Inter alia, "ubicoustics" from CMU allows devices such smart speakers to figure out where they are in a house. Interesting idea: taking professional sound effect libraries ("clean, properly labelled, well-segmented and diverse") to generate data for machine learning.
context  awareness  robots  ai 
3 days ago by lorenzowood
React Context and Re-Renders
Pass this.state to React context providers in order to prevent unnecessary re-renders
react  context 
4 days ago by jchristianhall
BBC Genome
"There are more than 5 million programme listings in Genome. This is a historical record of the planned output and the BBC services of any given time. It should be viewed in this context and with the understanding that it reflects the attitudes and standards of its time - not those of today."
copywriting  art  history  socialjustice  context  culture  society  via:billt 
14 days ago by danhon
Choosing between Redux and React’s Context API
While I worked on a recent project at work, I had to implement filtering and sorting (for a table) through some URL query parameters. I was surprised to find that react-router does not really support query parameter serialization out of the box (but that’s another story).
context  javascript  react.js  redux 
14 days ago by kogakure
Everything Goes in a Context Bucket – Rands in Repose
Everything Goes in a Context Bucket. The easiest way to improve your information consumption practices is to watch someone you trust to do their work. I get glimpses every day. At the beginning of…. via Instapaper. October 10, 2018 at 08:43AM
tech  effectivity  context  organisation 
21 days ago by sjspires

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