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BERGHAHN BOOKS : The Problem Of Context: Perspectives From Social Anthropology And Elsewhere
The apparently simple notion that it is contextualization and invocation of context that give form to our interpretations raises important questions about context definition. Moreover, different disciplines involved in the elucidation and interpretation of meanings construe context indifferent ways. How do these ways differ? And what analytical strategies are adopted in order to suggest that the relevant context is "self-evident"? The notion of context has received less attention than is due such a central, key concept in social anthropology, as well as in other related disciplines.

This collection of contributions from a group of leading social anthropologists and anthropological linguists addresses the question of how the idea of context is constructed, invoked, and deployed in the interpretations put forward by social anthropologists. The ethnographic focus embraces peoples from regions such as Bali, Europe, Malawi, and Zaire. Primarily theoretical in its aims, the work also draws on expertise from anthropological linguistics and philosophy in order to set the issue as much in a comparative disciplinary perspective as in a comparative cross-cultural one.
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yesterday by rybesh
Twitter is not your friend. The Sarah Jeong saga shows us why. - Vox
There’s a term for this: It’s called “context collapse.”...
Every participant in a communicative act has an imagined audience.
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9 days ago by kgoess
Redux vs. The React Context API
vs render prop pattern. I would add that the Redux state is meant to be serializable while the new context API can pass up and down anything (including JSX).
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19 days ago by Sylphe
9 Creative Leaders on Owning Your Content, Platform, and the Future of Your Work – Own Your Content
"“Content is a commodity. Content is the digital equivalent of pig iron. Context seeks to explain what is going on in the world so that we can make sense of it. Context takes this commodity and transforms it into meaning.”"
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22 days ago by jspad

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