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Black Water - the_ragnarok - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
At the second level, with Dom screaming right into his face, something inside Arthur goes calm and still as he thinks, I don't have to do shit for you. (Or, How Arthur Got His Groove Back, While Eames Never Lost His.)
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:the_ragnarok  content:heist  content:violence  category:plotty 
april 2013 by Ktown
Chessmen (series) by kaydeefalls
"'Shaw has information that we need, and we need him alive to extract it,' Moira says, and there it is: the job is on the table. Extraction.

XMFC/Inception fusion AU. Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They're assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik's desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them -- and then there's the shade that haunts his dreams..."
fandom:XMFC  length:100k+  rating:Teen  pairing:Erik/Charles  pairing:Alex/Hank  pairing:Angel/Raven  content:fusion  content:heist 
february 2013 by corbae

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author:the_ragnarok  category:plotty  content:fusion  content:violence  fandom:inception  fandom:xmfc  length:100k+  pairing:alex/hank  pairing:angel/raven  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:erik/charles  rating:teen 

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