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YouTube Premium - YouTube
YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free. Plus access to YouTube Originals.
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1 hour ago by dancall
YouTube launches paid services in UK |
YouTube has launched two new streaming services – YouTube Music and YouTube Premium – in the UK and 12 other new countries.
YouTube Music will enable users to listen to tracks as well as watch music videos and discover new artists through a new standalone app. A Music Premium subscription will cost £9.99 a month – the same as both Spotify and Apple Music – and allows users to listen to music ad-free as well as continue to listen even when the app is closed, and download tracks to their device. A free version of the service supported by ads is also available.
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2 hours ago by dancall
BBC updates connected TV app |
Our live HD coverage is the main event and all 33 matches live on BBC TV are available to watch online through BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer, while people can also listen to Five Live Radio commentary from all games. We recently announced two exciting trials, giving people the chance to watch in Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range and even from the stands in Russia, through our new VR app, live for the first time.

Regular users will know that on match days our live pages kick in, featuring all the build-up, breaking news, live-text commentary and the best comments from fans across social media. These pages are at the centre of our coverage again, especially on mobile devices. We have made some big changes under-the-hood, including getting in-game goal clips published more quickly and rebuilding the live text stream to enhance its performance through better speed and reliability.
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2 hours ago by dancall
AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Thus we are in the unfortunate scenario where a bad case by the government has led to, at best, a merger that was never examined for its truly anti-competitive elements, and at worst, bad law that will open the door for similar tie-ups. To be sure, it is not at all clear that the government would have won had they focused on zero rating: there is an obvious consumer benefit to the concept — that is why T-Mobile leveraged it to such great effect! — and the burden would have been on the government to show that the harm was greater.
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2 hours ago by dancall
You are creating for your blog with a great deal of passion. But that perfect piece gets no , sha…
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14 hours ago by WeRank
Facebook launches Brand Collabs search engine for sponsoring creators | TechCrunch
Facebook needs the hottest new content from creators if it wants to prevent users’ attention from slipping to YouTube, Netflix, Twitch and elsewhere. But to keep creators loyal, it has to make sure they’re earning money off its platform. The problem is, injecting Ad Breaks that don’t scare off viewers can be difficult, especially on shorter videos.
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21 hours ago by jasonsamuels
Most Of The Content Out There Is Not Relevant, Get Traction By Creating Relevant
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2 days ago by mandigital

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