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2019 Daytona 500 to Feature 2019 Chevy Silverado and Dale Jr. | Torque News
Earnhardt Jr. said on Twitter, “I own this truck and it’s badass. Appreciate Chevy asking me to drive it at the #Daytona500 to celebrate what an awesome trick it is. Can’t wait to kick the new season off right.”
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35 minutes ago by automotive
Car Shoppers Can Customize an Acura 2019 ILX Via Instagram Stories – Adweek
Acura social media manager Jessica Fini said in a release, “With the 2019 ILX capturing the highest number of millennial buyers in its segment, it was critical to have a strong presence on social media platforms for the launch of the new model. Utilizing Instagram Stories and hacking the platform for users to create a custom ILX experience allows Acura to be a part of the conversation in an organic way.”
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yesterday by automotive
What happens when big media companies take their content off Netflix - Recode
All of which means Netflix could lose a large chunk of its content. Comcast, Fox, Disney and WarnerMedia currently account for about 20 percent of Netflix’s content library, according to data from TV industry research company Ampere Analysis. This calculation is based on the number of hours of shows and movies that Netflix carries from a given production company. It doesn’t take into account show popularity, which means that 20 percent number likely underestimates the value of that content to Netflix. See Netflix’s new $100 million deal for a single WarnerMedia show.
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yesterday by dancall
Little Rock native Florence Price was the nation's first major African-American female composer. Lesser-known than her male counterpa… | Florence Price | Pinte…
Little Rock native F | |

Little Rock native Florence Price was the nation's first major African-American female composer. Lesser-known than her male counterpart, William Grant Still, Price is experiencing a renaissance.

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2 days ago by jordanrssmith
Cadillac Shows Off New XT4 Via Viceland, MSNBC Shows 12/10/2018
Cadillac has signed on as a sponsor of two series on Viceland and MSNBC to show off its new XT4 crossover vehicle.

Vice Media's youth lifestyle cable channel, Viceland, is partnering with Cadillac on a new docu-series, “Hustle,” created by Beth Greenwald with executive producers Alicia Keys and Chef Marcus Samuelsson. The eight-episode series premieres Feb. 10. 
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2 days ago by automotive
Mazda goes for emotional appeal for sedan lovers
The Mazda3 also will lead the next phase of Mazda's "Feel Alive" marketing campaign, which began in April. Mazda has seen an uptick of around 3 percent in its Google searches since the campaign launched, while price quote requests on its site are up 50 percent, said Dino Bernacchi, chief marketing officer of Mazda's North American unit.
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2 days ago by automotive
Subaru Hosts Pet Adoptions At LA Auto Show 12/06/2018
This LA Auto Show adoption event is a part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, which is dedicated to helping improve the safety and well-being of animals in communities nationwide.
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2 days ago by automotive
Porsche Film Advert By Publicis: Birthday | Ads of the World™
Film advertisement created by Publicis, United States for Porsche, within the category: Automotive.
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2 days ago by automotive
Dodge Launches Festive Jolly Fast Man Social Series | Autosphere
The series focuses on overhauling Santa’s sleigh—the Redeye Express and has launched on the brand’s YouTube channel, with content running across Dodge Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels during December.

The series features Bill Goldberg (professional athlete, NFL player, pro wrestler and automobile aficionado) as Santa and “All Girls Garage” host and automotive enthusiast Cristy Lee as Mrs. Claus.

The social series takes viewers behind the scenes of the “rebuild,” where Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves take inspiration from the Dodge brand lineup to put a decidedly Dodge spin on Santa’s classic sleigh, and reveal the reasoning behind many of the sleigh’s new features.
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2 days ago by automotive
Subaru Film Advert By : Forever Young | Ads of the World™
Film advertisement for Subaru, within the category: Automotive.
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2 days ago by automotive
Nissan Film Advert By TBWA: Kicks | Ads of the World™
Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Nissan, within the category: Automotive.
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2 days ago by automotive
Everything Goes to the Dogs This Christmas for Hudson Rouge and Lincoln | AgencySpy
In the case of this new campaign for Ford’s Lincoln brand from dedicated shop Hudson Rouge, the narrative is a fairly simple one: she’s coming home, and the dog can feel it in the air.
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2 days ago by automotive

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