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B2B Buyers are changing; we are all publishers now – answering the top audience questions
"Recently I put my content strategy for the B2B buyer to the live test. The audience had some terrific questions. Here's a rundown of the event and the top questions asked - with links to audio."
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1 hour ago by jonerp
Why the Washington Post's Twitter Has Been So Good Lately | Washingtonian
Sanchez says he usually limits himself to one wacky tweet a week. But as fun as it is to catalog the more out-there examples of its work, the leeway he gets from the Post evinces an evolution in how the organization expresses itself to the nearly 13 million people who follow it on Twitter. (Smith chalks it up to the Post‘s “culture of experimentation”: “We try to not say no to things.”) The unusual tweets “can cut through what most people understand as the institutional voice of the Washington Post,” Sanchez says.

They’re also opportunities for the paper to connect with those readers, through what Smith calls “surprise and delight moments.” The Post‘s team often replies to readers on Twitter as a way to answer questions a lot of people have asked, or just to amplify a good comment
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15 hours ago by danamuses
Skyword Content Marketing Platform: Where Brands Connect with Customers
Skyword offers an enterprise content marketing platform in Skyword360, a global community of storytellers, and industry-leading content marketing services. Skyword powers great brand storytelling that creates lasting connections.
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16 hours ago by kpieper876
Acrolinx | Create Great Content at Scale
Acrolinx's content optimization software helps the world's greatest brands create great content at scale that's on-brand and on-target.
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16 hours ago by kpieper876
Jason Goff on Instagram: “Classic Carbonara ... "Jamie Cooks Italy" may have been purchased...”
Classic Carbonara ... "Jamie Cooks Italy" may have been purchased... Source: | created: August 14, 2018 at 06:20PM
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yesterday by eske
How Google discovers, crawls, and selects which to show in
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yesterday by jhill5
Heather Meeker on The Basics of Intellectual Property Law
An overview of copyright, patents, trademarks and a touch about trade secrets.
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2 days ago by glass

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