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Contempt Culture - The Particular Finest
It’s 2015, and I saw a presenter at a Python conference make fun of Java. How would that feel to people trying to move from Java into something else? I wouldn’t feel welcome, and I’d have learned that the idea that the Python community is welcoming wasn’t true.

This is important.

The "We Are Nice Beause Matz Is Nice" fiction of Ruby lasts exactly 30 seconds into a conversation with your average Rails developer.

See also: DHH, esr, linus torvalds, and so many other "luminaries" who are likewise toxic assclowns.
community  culture  programming  diversity  society  contempt  technology  important 
17 days ago by po
Breitbart -- Delingpole: No One Actually Cares About Diane Abbott's Skin Tone...
'...Let’s be clear. Diane Abbott and David Lammy are two of the very worst MPs in the House of Commons. Their awfulness has nothing whatsoever to do with their skin colour and everything to do with the fact that they are incredibly thick and unbelievably useless. [And, no, the fact that one of them got into Cambridge and the other into Harvard tells us little, I fear, about their ability…] -- To distract from their incredible thickness and unbelievable uselessness, both resort to the only effective weapon they have in their armoury: racial victimhood. -- Both Abbott and Lammy are forever banging on about the race issue, despite the fact that they live in a country where pretty much everyone is comfortable living in a multiracial society. -- Rudd’s comments on the Jeremy Vine Show are sadly symptomatic of just how depressingly wet the Conservative party has become. -- The Conservative position on race-baiting identity politics ought to be a no-brainer: this is not a game we play. -- It’s not a game we should play because, far from healing the racial divide, it actually widens it. It’s an ugly tactic, not an expression of genuine hurt.' -- Contempt is the feeling that is provided by you when somebody is attempting to exploit you based on your virtue. ~ Stefan Molyneux
UK  victimhood  contempt 
6 weeks ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Rebel Media: Hate crime hoax: LGBT activist burns down own house, kills pets | Ben Davies
'One of the most horrific hate crime hoaxes so far this year is that of a gay rights activist who burned down her own house — with her five pets trapped inside. Why? Because the ”trans" activist was upset that the gay rights cause was doing too well.' -- What is a Threat Narrative?
victimhood  threatnarrative  hoax  grifting  contempt 
7 weeks ago by adamcrowe
The communication style that destroys relationships—at work and at home — Quartz at Work
“Relationships can hit the rocks for all kinds of reasons. But according to renowned sex therapist Esther Perel, a single factor is a major predictor of whether or not a relationship will survive: whether the couple in question treats one another with contempt.

“In her latest book, State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, Perel asserts that contempt is the biggest killer of relationships. This idea originated with relationship psychologist John Gottman, who created Four Horseman theory—or the four communication styles most likely to indicate a relationship is doomed.

“‘In whatever form, contempt—the worst of the four horsemen—is poisonous to a relationship because it conveys disgust,’ Gottman says. ‘It’s virtually impossible to resolve a problem when your partner is getting the message that you’re disgusted with him or her.’”
qz  work  contempt  communication  2019 
9 weeks ago by handcoding
Most cryptoassets natively function as bearer instruments. Whoever controls the private keys for a given cryptoasset wallet generally control the assets held by that wallet. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  assets  coercion  confiscation  contempt  court  digital  incarceration  keys  law  passwords 
10 weeks ago by ChristopherA
Topical reminder to avoid commenting on live cases…
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12 weeks ago by jonhew

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