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e-misférica 10.2: Dissidence
Revista de reflexión política contemporánea
magazine  theory  mexico  philosophy  contemporary  politics 
3 days ago by angelmoma
And Other Stories
And Other Stories publishes some of the best in contemporary writing, including many translations. We aim to push people’s reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous and inspiring writing. And we want to open up publishing so that from the outside it doesn’t look like some posh freemasonry. For example, as we said in this piece in The Guardian, we think more of the English publishing industry should move out of London.

And Other Stories is readers, editors, writers, translators and subscribers. While our books are distributed widely through bookshops, it’s our subscribers’ support that makes the books happen. We now have about 1,000 active subscribers in over 40 countries, receiving up to 6 books a year.

We also have reading groups where people can help us unearth and discuss great foreign books we could publish in English. Curious about our reading groups? Follow The Guardian or Publishing Perspectives to one of our reading groups. ‘The future of publishing?’ Why not?! We love the books we’re publishing and we hope you will, too.
publisher  publishing  writing  contemporary  books 
9 days ago by stjp
Mid-Century Modern: 1950 | Shorpy | Vintage Photography
Los Angeles, 1950. "Herman Miller furniture showroom, 8806 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood." Designed by Charles and Ray Eames. View full size:
architecture  business  contemporary  shorpy  photography  50s 
23 days ago by rgl7194
Miriam Cahn [21st Biennale of Sydney - 2018]
“Born 1949 in Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works in Stampa, Switzerland. Shaped by the emergence of second-wave feminism, Miriam Cahn’s artistic practice contends with the materiality of the body, asserting the basic substance of the physical form. At once haunting and ambiguous, Cahn’s works investigate the different meanings connected to our bodily reality – namely abjection, vulnerability and ignobility. Cahn treats figurative subjects with an abstract sensibility, using basic objects and motifs to talk about complex socio-political concerns. Despite living and working in a remote alpine region in Switzerland, Cahn’s work is very much tied to current affairs.”
contemporary  art  female  artist  swiss  body  social  relations  gadigal  eora 
7 weeks ago by adriancooke
De Balie
19th-century courthouse hosting debates, theater & talk shows with a social or political focus.
theatre  cafe  politics  contemporary  art  cinema  social  media  culture  debate  amsterdam  netherlands 
7 weeks ago by asaltydog
Trend List
Exploring visual trends in contemporary graphic design.
blog  inspiration  design  graphic  typography  reference  graphicdesign  trends  contemporary 
10 weeks ago by vitaminCPP
Horse and Pony Berlin

I have been following this gallery on instagram for some time and have been interested in visiting it. There is a current exhibition up until June 3rd.
contemporary  art  museum  gallery  from notes
11 weeks ago by mfastudioberlin
British artist FULLER creates striking cartographic art | Get lost inside his intricate, familiar worlds, narrative maps of the mind and place.
maps  illustration  art  contemporary  design  portfolio 
11 weeks ago by asaltydog
Humphrey Ocean - Wikipedia
Humphrey Ocean RA (born 22 June 1951) is a contemporary British painter and Royal Academy Professor of Perspective. Biography Edit Ocean was born Humphrey…
contemporary  british  painting  art  design  reference 
march 2018 by asaltydog
RT : Honoring Female Electronic Music Pioneers on International Women's Day
classical  contemporary  electronic  from twitter_favs
march 2018 by roens

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