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Open Access Ahead – M+ Labs – Medium
m+ blog post on opening up their collections metadata (and all the work that requires).
mplus  museum  hong  kong  open  data  collections  visual  art  contemporary 
29 days ago by george08
Lola Seaton · Deliveroo · LRB 24 January 2019
My relationship with Deliveroo is mutually exploitative and entirely mercenary
fiction  contemporary  startup 
5 weeks ago by soobrosa
The White Linen | Topeka | Fine Dining
An upstart rival to the RowHouse restaurant; per Kris Tilford.
restaurant  contemporary  Topeka 
6 weeks ago by JJLDickinson
Kijk Kubus Museumwoning Rotterdam
Kijk-Kubus Museumwoning De rotterdamse kubuswoning is al meer dan 30 jaar een architectonisch fenomeen. Als je er tegen aan kijkt, vraag je je af of hierin wel…
museum  architecture  contemporary  design  history  amsterdam  netherlands 
11 weeks ago by asaltydog
Bespoke Lighting Manufacturers UK | Dernier & Hamlyn
Long established bespoke lighting manufacturers across a wide range of industries in the UK. Unique designs made by skilled craftsmen in our London workshop.
architecture  building  decorating  heritage  bespoke  contemporary  lighting  design  london 
11 weeks ago by asaltydog
Flexi Binding | Flexi Bound Book | How to do Flexi Binding
What is flexi binding and how are flexi bound books made. We have a range of suppliers able to offer this fab binding style.
howto  publishing  books  printing  design  contemporary  bindings 
11 weeks ago by asaltydog

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