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Announcing Vignette — Liss is More
Casey Liss announces his new app to easily change contact images for all your friends and contacts.
ios  contacts  app 
4 weeks ago by axodys
Announcing Vignette — Liss is More
“Vignette allows you to add photos to your contacts by searching public social media profiles. If multiple options are found, it’s easy to select the one you wish to use. If the existing image is special or more representative of the contact, it can be kept.”
software  ios  apps  contacts  caseyliss  2019  avatars  gravatar 
4 weeks ago by handcoding
RocketReach Search - Find Email, Phone & Social Media
free to sign up with an email and lets you search email addresses and phone numbers (?)
search  email  searchengine  contact  contacts 
4 weeks ago by 3rdparty
Sync with Synology Contacts and Calendar via CalDAV and CardDAV URL? – evo's smarter life
In year of 2019, how to synchronize Synology Contacts, Calendar and Tasks with app like Outlook?
caldav  tipps  synology  setup  contacts  calendar  howto  carddav  synchronization 
7 weeks ago by ferdinandfuchs

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