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Kevin Alexander: I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It. (Thrillist)
If there was one main negative takeaway from the raging fires of food tourist culture and the lists fanning the flames, it was that the people crowding the restaurant were one time customers. They were there to check off a thing on a list, and put it on Instagram. They weren’t invested in the restaurant’s success, but instead in having a public facing opinion of a well known place. In other words, they had nothing to lose except money and the restaurant had nothing to gain except money, and that made the entire situation feel both precarious and a little gross.
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20 hours ago by matthewmcvickar
Beauty Under Capitalism
Vote with your wallet when shopping for your beauty and self-care products using our lists. Give your money to independent business owners of color from marginalized genders.
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4 days ago by thebestsophist
The Gift of Death – George Monbiot
Researching her film The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard discovered that of the materials flowing through the consumer economy, only 1% remain in use six months after sale(1). Even the goods we might have expected to hold onto are soon condemned to destruction through either planned obsolescence (breaking quickly) or perceived obsolesence (becoming unfashionable).
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5 days ago by rtlechow
"With Janne Baetsen presents a unique ‘Human Innovation’ approach to fashion design, cultural economics, psychology, technology and branding, to contribute to a more profound insight into relationships, identities and communities in today’s world of fashion. How? By (re)establishing the connection between the clothes, the creator and the wearer, and questioning what we (need to) value, what we wear as well as how we dispose of it. Focussing not only on clothing but also on the complexity of human behaviour, innovation, experience and communication across all aspects of fashion, to generate deep understanding of the current and future (creative) economy.

The aim is to reveal the significance of fashion as a way of communicating, and identify existing issues in the fashion world that can be explained using a holistic view of disciplines, to predict, express, address and ultimately change behaviour for the better."


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