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This Is Why China Hasn't Jumped on the Smart Speaker Bandwagon - Bloomberg
- interesting comments on conversational Chinese, AI also struggles with many variants of conversational English
china  consumerelectronics  machinelearning 
july 2017 by renaissancechambara
3D TV is officially dead as Sony and LG stop making sets | FierceCable
"Purchase process research showed it's not a top buying consideration, and anecdotal information indicated that actual usage was not high. We decided to drop 3D support for 2017 in order to focus our efforts on new capabilities such as HDR, which has much more universal appeal."
3d  consumerelectronics  tv  business 
january 2017 by renaissancechambara
MacFarlane quits Sonos | TechEye
- Amazon on the low end and Bose alongside other hi-fi companies now in the market
media  consumerelectronics 
january 2017 by renaissancechambara

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