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Samsung CHG70 Gaming Monitor: A Gigantic Upgrade At A Reasonable Price – Review Geek
Making a kick-ass gaming PC is an expensive proposition. And it doesn’t end with the PC: between quality inputs, a decent set of speakers, and a monitor that does the graphics of your new desktop justice, you might be looking at half again as much as you paid for those high-end components.
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2 days ago by ither
sentiment on and play a huge part in the future of adoption via
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On average it costs just $6 in to drive a to store, says and 's s…
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Leveraging behavioral patterns to reach with contextually relevant messages…
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The Macallan Single Malt – An obsession with quality since 1824
Each and every Macallan single malt whisky reveals our unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit since 1824. Discover more.
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14 days ago by orlin
The CryptoCandle
Burn it down because the market's on fire
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15 days ago by orlin
People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves
he year was 1957, and Pepsi — like many of the youth at that time — was dealing with an identity crisis. Despite efforts from marketers, Pepsi was being outsold by its biggest competitor and perpetual market leader — Coke — by a factor just shy of six to one, even as it was selling at half of Coke’s price. It wasn’t the product that was lacking, it was that Pepsi’s brand ethos — indecisive and directionless — was a fragmented shell of what it would need to become to take on Coke.
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17 days ago by mikon_nikon
The rise of giant consumer startups that said no to investor money • Recode
Jason Del Rey:
<p>When Moiz Ali launched his startup Native, the maker of a natural deodorant brand, he couldn’t help but be self-conscious when mingling with other Bay Area entrepreneurs.

“In Silicon Valley, it’s often embarrassing when you haven’t raised money,” Ali told Recode recently. “When I’d go to parties or dinners, entrepreneurs would talk about how many employees they had. But for me, it was just me.”

Native eventually secured $550,000 from professional and individual investors, a relative pittance in the startup world where $100 million funding rounds and billion dollar valuations are discussed in a way that could sound like the norm.

For Ali, the limited funds meant cautious spending on marketing, a staff size that never rose above 10 and, even rarer, the need to turn a profit on each sale. In the earliest days, Ali and his small team also followed up with every disappointed customer — an education that eventually led to what’s called “product-market fit,” or the creation of a good that a large number of people in a certain market want.

So when Native sold to Procter & Gamble last year for $100 million in cash — just two-and-a-half years after launching — Ali could laugh last; he still owned more than 90 percent of his business and was worth a fortune. As important to him, he kept a strong grip on the brand’s destiny by remaining its CEO.</p>

In a way, this story is unintentionally hilarious: as though a new tribe had been discovered, which Doesn't! Take! Venture! Capital! Funding! When in reality, working your way up from "small and profitable" to "big and profitable" has been a favoured business approach since forever. All that's slightly tweaked is that "direct-to-consumer" can use the web to expand their sales base, and follow up with happy (or sad) customers.
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22 days ago by charlesarthur

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