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Flight Rights - Know your passenger rights when flights are disrupted
This website has been designed to help you, the passenger, understand your rights and entitlements in the event that your air travel plans are disrupted.
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4 days ago by micktwomey
דוח עצמי • המדריך לדירוג אשראי
באפשרותך להזמין דוח עצמי (דוח צפייה) הזהה לדוח אותו מקבל כל מי שהזמין דוח נתוני אשראי צרכני עליך. באמצאות דוח זה תוכל לדעת כיצד אתה נראה בעיני הבנק, חברת האשראי, חברת הליסינג או משכיר הדירה הפוטנציאלי.
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5 days ago by yevgenyd
Flight Rights
'This website has been designed to help you, the passenger, understand your rights and entitlements in the event that your air travel plans are disrupted.' from the Commission for Aviation Regulation. See also thread from Sinead Ryan at
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6 days ago by jm
Informe mega
¿Cuánto cuesta Internet en Argentina hoy?

Relevamos el valor del servicio residencial en diferentes puntos del país. Tomamos como unidad de comparación el costo de 1 Mb/segundo
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13 days ago by ither
How Can You Seize Opportunity If You Cannot Manage Risk?
"Public markets reward growth. As the rate of year-over-year revenues slow, companies attempt to grow through tactics. In consumer good supply chains, this includes new product launch, price incentives and trade promotion management. In the digital world, traditional broad-brush marketing programs become less effective. Yet, they are still widely deployed. The residual effects drive higher demand error and increased complexity."
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15 days ago by jonerp
Lux 🤖🤠 Alptraum on Twitter: "It is a generally accepted truth that the internet changed sex work, but I don't think people fully appreciate how extensive that change really was — not just in the form, function, and demographics of sex work, but al
It is a generally accepted truth that the internet changed sex work, but I don't think people fully appreciate how extensive that change really was — not just in the form, function, and demographics of sex work, but also the public perception and conversation around sex work.
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4 weeks ago by inspiral

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