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Big ERP Systems Integrators Exposed
"It may not quite be time to fire your ERP system integrator, but just recognize that you do have options outside the big incumbents. And, it’s not an either / or proposition: you can get the best of the system integrator and augment with the more strategic and specialized skills sets of others."
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3 hours ago by jonerp
Marketing Agency & Professional Copywriters in Knoxville, TN | Wunderbar LLC
Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Wunderbar helps consultants and tech companies grow their businesses, primarily with content marketing. Let’s chat about your goals and see how Wunderbar can help grow your business
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8 weeks ago by cnu
Digital Preservation | CoSector, University of London
With many years of experience working on a variety of projects across many sectors, the CoSector Digital Preservation Team is well placed to help your organisation with its digital preservation needs.

We can provide you with a digital preservation strategy to suit your requirements. We’ll come and talk to you, assess your needs, listen, and advise. We have training and advocacy packages to introduce aspects of digital preservation to your staff.
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january 2019 by stacker
embrace of real election fraud by for candidates gives the lie to their previous waling ab…
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january 2019 by andriak

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