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How green, flexible infrastructure can make cities resilient  - Curbed
using nature as a tool, as an infrastructure tool, to use it to clean water, mitigate the heat island effect, and mitigate the damage that we’ve done.”
..bridge from Geneva, Switzerland that contains tubes of algae to absorb and consume carbon emissions from the traffic below.
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The Ramps to Nowhere: Going, but not quite gone - Curbed Seattle
Citizens fighting for preservation revolted against the project, and it was eventually abandoned in 1971—with a couple functional ramps running through the Arboretum, but many remaining there as ghost ramps that would never lead from or to anywhere.
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Caydon shares first look at First Hill condo tower - Curbed Seattle
Over the summer, First Hill Episcopal church Trinity Parish announced a high-rise condo project on their property at Eighth Avenue and Cherry Street. Now, Australian developer Caydon has submitted a first look to design review—and some additional project details.

Trinity’s historic 1892 Gothic-revival church will remain, but all other buildings on the property will be demolished, including the current parish hall and the current site of Cherry Street Food Bank. A new parish hall will have a home in the lower levels of the new 28-story tower, along with an art gallery and coffee shop. The food bank has declined a space in the new building, although Trinity has promised to give a year of notice to Northwest Harvest before construction begins.
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The leaning towers of First Hill thrive on ‘creative tension’ - Curbed Seattle
Proposed on land owned by the Frye Art Museum, the project calls for two, 33-story leaning towers that include 440 apartment units, 7,600 square feet of commercial space, and 283 underground parking spaces. The two towers are connected by a three-story podium as well as a walkway near the very top of both.

As part of the deal with the museum, the Frye will own a handful of the apartments and the garage will include some museum parking spaces.
seattle  firsthill  housing  construction  art  f 
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Op-ed: A zero-waste solution for New York City—circular economy | Crain's New York Business
"The best way to start is by thinking about what is recyclable. Carpet and acoustic ceiling tiles are circular-economy candidates, but must be managed as such, and not commingled with gypsum wall board and fiberglass insulation. Wall insulation is another tough-to-recycle C&D waste created via interior demolition projects. However, architects and specifiers are increasingly building products that are easily recycled and are composed of sustainable materials, to align their construction practices with the circular economy. For example, Bond Collective, a co-working space in Brooklyn, insulated its space with acoustic insulation made from recycled materials such as cotton fibers from clothing and spent carpet fibers (which can be recycled more than once).

Architects and specifiers of building products must pay closer attention to the composition of the products they select. Health product declarations (HPDs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs)—which disclose product contents and associated health information for products used in the built environment—are becoming standard in Europe. We must follow their lead to remain competitive globally. HPDs and EPDs increase transparency and make the task of selecting circular economy–suited products easier among the thousands of products to choose from."
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Facebook headquarters construction permits now exceed $1B - Construction Dive
In order to gain 20-year development rights and a waiver​ to height limitations at the site, Facebook agreed to pay the city several million dollars to fund city services and road and infrastructure improvements. As part of the package, the company will pay $430,000 in rent subsidies for “community-serving” professionals like teachers and law enforcement personnel, a $6.3 million affordable housing fee and a $300,000 annual payment to the city for 20 years, among other measures.
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