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Sunconomy @ Facebook
Mission: 3D printing geopolymer concrete houses that are affordable, sustainable, smarter and stronger than nearly any home built. We are the future in disaster resistant housing...join us!
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Ma Modular homes
what is ma? ma is an architect designed modern modular homes system built with high quality materials—and delivered to you at an affordable price. Our mission at ma is to make modern design accessible.
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
ZEDpods: ast, Modular, Low Energy Homes
Designed for land outside the development plan, including car parks, hard standings and difficult-to-develop land. A cost efficient, fully fitted, affordable solution, ready for immediate occupation and delivered in a fraction of the time of conventional housing due to off-site manufacture and modular build.
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
zammuto - Architecture
When Molly was pregnant with our second son, it was clear that we needed a lot more space. I started learning about residential construction through the internet and books like Scot Simpson's classic The Complete Book of Framing. The feng shui of the shack was all messed up, so we started thinking of designs that would reorient the house better with respect to the land. It was around then that I discovered Christopher Alexander's “A Pattern Language” which is one of my favorite books. It lists some 250 patterns that compose the elements of a livable design from the smallest scale (doorknobs) to the largest scale (cities). Eventually we settled on a partitioned passive solar design, that would allow us to conserve fuel and give Molly a place to start seeds to extend our growing season. We heat entirely with firewood wood that we harvest from our land, which I store next to my studio, that I built from the shell of an old tractor garage.
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5 days ago by bradleyrturner

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