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Machine Learning on 2K of RAM
This paper develops a novel tree-based algorithm, called Bonsai, for efficient prediction on IoT devices—such as those based on the Arduino Uno board having an 8-bit ATmega328P microcontroller operating at 16 MHz with no native floating point support, 2KB RAM, and 32KB read-only flash.
machinelearning  arduino  iot  internetofthings  constrained 
october 2018 by dlkinney
How to Fit Large Neural Networks on the Edge – Heartbeat
Deploying memory-hungry deep learning algorithms is a challenge for anyone who wants to create a scalable service. Cloud services are expensive in the long run. Deploying models offline on edge devices is cheaper, and has other benefits as well. The only disadvantage is that they have a paucity of memory and compute power. This blog explores a few techniques that can be used to fit neural networks in memory-constrained settings. Different techniques are used for the “training” and “inference” stages, and hence they are discussed separately.
deeplearning  machinelearning  iot  internetofthings  edge  edgecomputing  neuralnetworks  constrained 
august 2018 by dlkinney
Paper.js Sketch
This fellow provided a very nice solution to shrikanta's question on google groups.
paper.js  sketch  circle  segment  constrained  angle 
november 2017 by brentfarwick
What are some efficient designs for a tiny home? - Quora
how would you build your home if you were very space constrained?
design  efficient  compact  tiny  constrained  home  space 
december 2014 by Julez
iPhone 6 Plus supply might be constrained at launch
The iPhone everyone has been waiting for proves to be elusive. Prior to Apple’s official announcement of the new iPhone models it was rumored that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 supplies will be constrained at launch. The reason many unofficial sources and analysts gave for this was that Apple’s manufacturers were facing production issues with this...

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The post iPhone 6 Plus supply might be constrained at launch appeared first on VR-Zone.
iPhone  6  Plus  supply  might  be  constrained  at  launch 
september 2014 by vrzone
iPhone 5S supplies reportedly constrained at launch - VR-Zone
Rumor has it that at launch, iPhone 5S is going to be supplied in limited numbers as poor yield rates of certain components are likely to cause production delays. Components related to fingerprint recognition and the iPhone 5S LCD are said to have issues, thus reportedly slowing down yield rates. We’ve heard in countless rumors [...]

The post iPhone 5S supplies reportedly constrained at launch appeared first on VR-Zone.
iPhone  5S  supplies  reportedly  constrained  at  launch 
july 2013 by vrzone

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