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How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment | Brennan Center for Justice
The gun lobby’s lurch rightward was part of a larger conservative backlash that took place across the Republican coalition in the 1970s. One after another, once-sleepy traditional organizations galvanized as conservative activists wrested control.

Conservatives tossed around the language of insurrection with the ardor of a Berkeley Weatherman. The “Revolt at Cincinnati” was followed by the “tax revolt,” which began in California in 1979, and the “sagebrush rebellion” against Interior Department land policies. All these groups shared a deep distrust of the federal government and spoke in the language of libertarianism. They formed a potent new partisan coalition.
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12 hours ago by Jibarosoy
What Do The Democrats Have to Prove? | Talking Points Memo
“Who and what is on trial here is the Republican party, which has made it pretty clear that they are willing to countenance any level of law breaking and abuses of power so long as it is done by a Republican or at least as long as it is Donald Trump.”
Trump  GOP  Republicans  Impeachment  Politics  Law  Constitution 
4 days ago by Membranophonist
As Assad Gains Ground, New Syria Peace Talks in Geneva Offer Little Hope for a Political Solution
Instead of direct negotiations, the U.S. State Department pushed the Kurds to pressure Assad by partnering with the Turkish-backed opposition (TSO)—the very same groups that attacked the northwestern city of Afrin in 2018 and have terrorized the population of northeastern Syria in recent weeks. Despite the atrocities committed in Afrin, Ahmed agreed to meet with the TSO just weeks before the Oct. 6 phone call between Trump and Erdogan. But the TSO rejected the offer and later supported Erdogan’s invasion.

The senior government official said the State Department “neither discouraged nor encouraged” contact between the SDC and the regime, but “what we consistently did—and had [the right] under U.S. law to do—was to note that the regime was both an international pariah and target of many international and U.S. sanctions.” Therefore, the United States could not work with the Kurds in “any area where they were paired with the regime.”

If the SDC were to “throw their weight into the Assad camp, for example by joining the regime list in the Constitutional Committee, then we’d have to severely limit relations with SDC just like we do other regime backers.”
Mar15  SDF  PYD  constitution  diplomacy  unnamed_official  TrumpAdministration  TFSA 
4 days ago by elizrael
Kurt Eichenwald's Twitter thread about how Trump could cancel the election is keeping people up at night / Boing Boing
"Award winning journalist Kurt Eichenwald gave a lot of Twitter readers anxiety and insomnia when he posted a 17-part Twitter thread yesterday afternoon about why it wouldn't be difficult for Trump to use executive power to effectively make himself dictator for life." This really is a disturbing and all too plausible scenario.
politics  constitution  trump 
14 days ago by djwudi
America’s Founding Was Not Defined By Slavery and White Supremacy as NY Times’ 1619 Project Claims
On the contrary, the Founders unambiguously saw slavery as evil. George Washington said, “there is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for the abolition of it,” and Thomas Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration of Independence calls the slave trade an “execrable commerce” and an affront “against human nature itself.” Gouverneur Morris called slavery a “nefarious institution” and “the curse of heaven,” and John Jay said, “It is much to be wished that slavery may be abolished. . . . To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused.”
constitution  Slavery  History  1619  city-journal 
17 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - The Constitution is a progressive document | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Ezra Klein interviews Erwin Chemerisnky, UC Berkeley professor, on the liberal case of the 'living' constitution. Natural Law at the 10 min mark. Gerrymandering at 25 mins. At 57 mark what would be different had Hillary won and Supreme Court different.
constitution  SupremeCourt  podcasts  klein  natural-law  gerrymandering 
17 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Meaning of Chile’s Explosion
"The ongoing popular upheaval in Chile is the product of thirty years of neoliberal oligarchy and half-hearted democratization. To uproot the existing power structure, the country needs a new constitution."
chile  2019  neoliberalism  capitalism  history  pinochet  constitution  change  camilavergara  democracy  power  inequality  ppotest  protests  economics  society 
18 days ago by robertogreco
SYRIA IN CONTEXT Weekly Briefing - ISSUE #74 - WEEK 44/2019
According to US government sources, while the initial deployment has been conceived without allied contribution, the State Department Syria Envoy is planning to try and gather international buy-in for the mission at next month’s International Coalition meeting. Outsiders view the mission as an attempt by officials to retroactively mitigate the impact of the president’s withdrawal decision and as an attempt to maintain US leverage in the final resolution of the conflict. 

Education in Idlib: On Sunday, activists and humanitarians from northwest Syria launched a social media campaign under the slogan “MyPenMyDream”, protesting the recent cut in European Union funding to education across wider Idlib. In September, local authorities received letters from lead agency, Chemonics, warning of imminent funding cuts due to donor concerns over the increasing influence of the radical Islamist Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham (HTS) and its Salvation Government over governance in the region. According to local authorities, the funds disbursed via the “Manahel Syria Educational Programme” cover 65% of education cost across northwest Syria, including the salaries of more than 7,000 teachers and operating cost of almost 800 schools, affecting hundreds of thousands of children across the province. The decision came as a surprise at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Presently, teachers are working without salaries with many finding alternative employment to cover their living costs. Local authorities say that unless alternative funding arrangements can be found, most educational operations across the region may have to seize.

Further, it is now understood that the 15 members of the drafting committee from the civil society list will be selected by the government and opposition list members, rather than by agreement amongst the civil society list. If this is indeed the case after the committee begins work in earnest tomorrow, it will represent a significant blow to the chances of the committee drafting a document that is capable of undertaking the heavy lifting that a constitution-as-peace-treaty requires.
Mar15  constitution  civil_society  education  Idlib  aid 
18 days ago by elizrael

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