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Tiger vs Rabbit: Q Attack, Round 31 - Are 0.5 Console Upgrades Desirable?
The PlayStation 4 Pro just recently launched and Xbox: Project Scorpio is still on its way. Tiger and Rabbit sit down to discuss these 0.5 console upgrades and whether they are really worth paying extra for.
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november 2017 by dk33per
Hypercritical: Next Generation
Siracusa, as ever, being a delightful read.

I'm still calling it for Sony.
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may 2013 by danhon
[RUMOR] Paul Thurrott: Xbox 720 is expensive: $500 or $300 for sub model, 5/21 Unveil - NeoGAF
"I don't think that's even a possibility considering how many people use Xbox LIVE... You're not going to have this mass Xbox audience jumping to Sony."
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april 2013 by penllawen
NPD: PS3 beats Xbox 360 in May - PS3 Fanboy
and is likely to do so in june as well thanks to Metal Gear
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june 2008 by dsankey

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