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awesome-console-services/ at master · chubin/awesome-console-services
A curated list of awesome console services (reachable via HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols) - chubin/awesome-console-services
cli  console  curl 
10 hours ago by NeckBeardPrince
Roms For Arcade and Console Emulation - Arcade Punks
Sort by:   Name | Date Added (newest first) | Date Added (oldest first) Rom Pack Downloads
arcade  console  emulation  games  retroarch  roms 
2 days ago by mtoley
github - EasyConsole
EasyConsole is a library to make it easier for developers to build a simple menu interface for a .NET console application.
dotnet  csharp  console 
3 days ago by andyhuey
mwouts/jupytext: Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts
Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts - mwouts/jupytext
jupyter-notebook  jupyter  notebook  code  text  editor  console 
7 days ago by nharbour
Console-Setup/windows at master · mattpodwysocki/Console-Setup
This is a repository for my console setup for Windows, macOS, and Linux - mattpodwysocki/Console-Setup
bash  shell  console  console2  coding 
7 days ago by madscene
Rails Console Magic Tricks – Luis Vasconcellos – Medium
Seven techniques to increase the developer experience during a Rails Console session. Please note that some of them will come from Ruby itself, and thus won’t be necessarily restricted to the…
rails  console  sandbox  rollback  app  help  view  application  rubyonrails  method  source  code  location  find  search  name  grep  tips 
12 days ago by ebouchut
timberio/timber-ruby: 🌲 Great Ruby logging made easy.
Timber for Ruby is a drop in replacement for your Ruby logger that unobtrusively augments your logs with rich metadata and context making them easier to search, use, and read. It pairs with the Timber console to deliver a tailored Ruby logging experience designed to make you more productive.
ruby  rails  logging  logger  api  development  metadata  debugging  console 
12 days ago by Tknvbe

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