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This man had to fight for benefits just before he died – when do we start to care?
It would be easy to view all this as another example of the damage austerity does to the social fabric, or as evidence that the Conservative party cannot be trusted with social security. But that would be underselling it. This is the mass abuse by the state towards its disabled and sick citizens. By standards used by any business or public service, it would surely fail every marker for negligence. That it is being inflicted by elected officials should not make it immune.

We are witnessing acts of large-scale moral bankruptcy, enacted by privileged politicians who have outright disdain for people who dare to need the support of the state. In six years, they have inflicted unprecedented damage to the safety net for disabled people, evading all calls to investigate deaths, or enact the changes needed to make the assessments safer and more accurate.
by:FrancesRyan  from:CommentIsFree  disability  democide  Conservatives  IainDuncanSmith 
8 hours ago by owenblacker
The Tories once had a radical fringe. Now it is the whole party
In Britain’s decrepit electoral system, there will always be a place for the Conservatives, but what is striking is how they have shrunk into being the party of southern England. And even there, the hold is slipping. This January, a senior government minister told the Sun of a new rule, coined while out canvassing, that “If you knock on a door and they have books on their shelves, you can be pretty sure these days they’re not voting Tory.”

The old cliché claims that any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, whereas anyone over 30 who is not a conservative has no brain. No more. Voting Tory is for one’s dotage, as health secretary Matt Hancock remarked this week, voting Tory is now “something people start to do when they get their winter fuel allowance”. And can you imagine anyone seeing in May’s rabble an oasis of sagacity and level-headedness?
by:AdityaChakrabortty  from:CommentIsFree  Conservatives  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  extremism  Brexit 
8 days ago by owenblacker
Days After Its Disastrous British Launch, Turning Point Has Already Lost One Of Its Star Recruits
They were here to start a culture war, and Charlie Kirk was looking forward to the backlash.

“There will be retaliation, there will be protest,” the 25-year-old founder of Turning Point USA, a right-wing student organisation with close links to Donald Trump, said in London recently as he described plans for an assault on British university campuses. “You will see that it takes individuals to go straight into the fire to start a movement.”

But already some of the Tory activists Kirk recruited to launch Turning Point in the UK are having second thoughts about its war on “cultural marxism”, according to several people familiar with their internal discussions. Within days of the launch, one of the “influencers” tapped to front the campaign has distanced himself from the group, BuzzFeed News has learned.
UnitedKingdom  stupid  politics  conservatives  DonaldTrump  TurningPoint  TurningPointUK  CharlieKirk 
13 days ago by jtyost2
Trump Demands Homeland Security Secretary Who Will Break the Law
Conservative elites have tried to convince themselves that what Republican voters really mean when they cheer for the wall and repeat lurid stories of Latino men committing horrific crimes is that they just want the law to be followed. Trump, as he has done so many times, has turned the rationalizations made on his own behalf into a joke.
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14 days ago by jtyost2
Conservatives' takeover of Supreme Court stalled by John Roberts-Brett Kavanaugh bromance
It's still relatively early in the court's term, with more than half the cases to be decided, so trend lines among the justices may not hold through June.

The biggest cases – on the census citizenship question, partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts, the constitutionality of a mammoth Latin cross honoring deceased veterans, and others – likely will tell more about the Roberts-Kavanaugh alliance and the Gorsuch-Kavanaugh division.

Next term, beginning in October, might include major cases on abortion and immigration, gay rights and gun control, and the court's third debate over Obamacare. And for justices in their 50s and 60s with lifetime appointments, there will be many years or even decades in which to evolve or stand firm.

What's clear after Kavanaugh's first six months is that traditional left-right splits are more the exception than the rule.

The court has divided 5-4 along ideological lines just twice in merits cases, on detaining noncitizens with criminal records and executing prisoners with rare medical conditions. The same lineup also allowed the administration's partial ban on transgender troops to take effect while challenges continue and denied a Muslim prisoner's request to have his imam in the execution chamber.

For now, Kavanaugh and Roberts "are just treading carefully," said Lisa Blatt, who has argued more cases before the Supreme Court than any other woman and was a character witness for Kavanaugh during the confirmation process.

When the subject turns to abortion, guns, race or religion, Blatt said: "Then call me back up. That’s where they throw down a marker."
supremecourt  legal  constitution  government  politics  JohnRoberts  BrettKavanaugh  conservatives 
15 days ago by jtyost2
LEVY: Streamlined city council still full of hot air | Toronto Sun
amazing before & after here

I’m convinced the raison d’etre for these windbags is to promote their pro-union, anti-car, free-spending, addict-enabling, transit-obstructing, anti-white supremacy oppression agendas wherever else they can.

I’m convinced the raison d’etre for these windbags is to promote their pro-union, anti-car, free-spending, addict-enabling, transit-obstructing, anti-white virtue signallers wherever else they can.
torontosun  conservatives  topoli  whitesupremacy  whiteness  privilege  wtf 
20 days ago by shadowspar
The President As Adolescent Bully
Trump’s use of bullying tactics against his rivals for the Republican nomination in 2015-2016 played a critical role in endearing him to the Republican base. Trump’s rollouts of new terms of abuse for his rivals have become mini-events celebrated by his fans. The Trump campaign capitalized on the new insult by hawking celebratory t-shirts. His continued use of these methods, and the delight it gives his supporters reveals something important about what binds them together.

Bullying is most closely associated with adolescence, because teenagers are most naturally prone to it. Children that age tend to lack empathy or well-developed moral worldviews, and they often gravitate toward peers who engage in displays of dominance and cruelty. It is also the age when people are most prone to judge themselves and others by their appearance, and when social relations tend to be the most hierarchical.

Like a teenage bully, Trump fixates on a superficial characteristic in his target. He mocks male targets (Marco Rubio, Schiff, Bob Corker) as short, and a variety of women as fat or ugly. When reporter Serge Kovaleski challenged one of his lies, Trump mimicked his disability. He mocked Senator Charles Schumer for tearing up over Trump’s Muslim ban, either disgusted or unable to comprehend that somebody would empathize with the plight of immigrants.
DonaldTrump  stupid  bullying  politics  norms  ethics  government  republicans  conservatives 
21 days ago by jtyost2
Opinion | The Mick Mulvaney Presidency
You could describe the cut-the-Special-Olympics budgets and anti-Obamacare efforts as just classic Republican hypocrisy, the tribute that big-spending vice plays to small-government virtue. But Trump campaigned in 2016 as the guy who would get rid of this charade, who would actually identify as a free-spending populist rather than a movement conservative, who would enable the G.O.P. to be a “worker’s party” in its self-conception rather than just in its compromises with political reality.

Instead, thanks to his “people” and his own rhetorical shifts, he’s ended up in a weirder position. The Trump record would justify, within limits, campaigning in 2020 the way he did in 2016, claiming to have governed as a populist rather than a Ryanist — taking credit for reforming Obamacare rather than eliminating it, taking credit for Congress’s guns-and-butter budgets and all the popular spending they contain.

But right now Trump is letting the mostly-imaginary version of his presidency, the Mulvaney version, define his priorities and public rhetoric. Which makes him look like a guy who didn’t keep his promises, who promised to be a different kind of Republican and then kept trying to defund the Special Olympians and throw people off their health care coverage.

That’s the most unpopular version of Trumpism, which is saying something. And his chances in 2020 will turn, in part, on whether he realizes it. His real economic record, however haphazard and under-theorized, could still win him re-election. The Mulvaney fantasia guarantees defeat.
politics  DonaldTrump  MickMulvaney  republicans  conservatives 
22 days ago by jtyost2
“AOC sucks” is the new “Lock her up”
But at every turn, Republicans appear hell-bent on going after Ocasio-Cortez, much in the same way they did to Clinton for years.

Philip Bump at the Washington Post found that Fox News mentions Ocasio-Cortez more than any likely or already-declared 2020 presidential candidates besides Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). From January 1 to February 16 of this year, Fox talked about Ocasio-Cortez more than it did Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
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23 days ago by jtyost2

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