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Unfair: Exposing the IRS (2014) | IMDb
A documentary shedding light on the certain damage the Income Tax and the IRS have wrought on liberties, businesses, families, and religious, charitable and civic organizations, while empowering a political agenda contrary to America's heritage.
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These gaffes expose British politics’ real issue with race | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
Racism is not about politeness – it’s about power.

Words have meaning. Politicians have responsibilities. Racism is real. But because the media rarely call to talk about racial disparities in school exclusions, sentencing or poverty. Racism is a system of oppression rooted in history, politics, economics and culture. Our understanding of it should not be reduced to a litany of gaffes and flubs any more than it can be relegated to people shouting epithets and wielding baseball bats. These are the most glaring and dramatic manifestations of a broader, deeper problem – they should not be mistaken for the problem itself. Moreover, people have to the right to misspeak, be corrected, offer a proper apology and move on.

But over the past few weeks, the relentless parade of remarks, ranging from gauche to grotesque, suggests more than simply individual, off-the-cuff indiscretions. There is only so long one can keep talking about an isolated series of events before one must concede there may be a pattern. This return to the language of the 1970s, in which black people are “coloured” and Islamophobia is a matter for the Foreign Office, is moving in lockstep with the racial politics of the 1970s, with citizens being deported and non-white people considered foreign.
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The Making of the Fox News White House | The New Yorker
Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?
In January, during the longest government shutdown in America’s history, President Donald Trump rode in a motorcade through Hidalgo County, Texas, eventually stopping on a grassy bluff overlooking the Rio Grande. The White House wanted to dramatize what Trump was portraying as a national emergency: the need to build a wall along the Mexican border. The presence of armored vehicles, bales of confiscated marijuana, and federal agents in flak jackets underscored the message.
But the photo op dramatized something else about the Administration. After members of the press pool got out of vans and headed over to where the President was about to speak, they noticed that Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, was already on location. Unlike them, he hadn’t been confined by the Secret Service, and was mingling with Administration officials, at one point hugging Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary of Homeland Security. The pool report noted that Hannity was seen “huddling” with the White House communications director, Bill Shine. After the photo op, Hannity had an exclusive on-air interview with Trump. Politico later reported that it was Hannity’s seventh interview with the President, and Fox’s forty-second. Since then, Trump has given Fox two more. He has granted only ten to the three other main television networks combined, and none to CNN, which he denounces as “fake news.”
Hannity was treated in Texas like a member of the Administration because he virtually is one. The same can be said of Fox’s chairman, Rupert Murdoch. Fox has long been a bane of liberals, but in the past two years many people who watch the network closely, including some Fox alumni, say that it has evolved into something that hasn’t existed before in the United States. Nicole Hemmer, an assistant professor of Presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and the author of “Messengers of the Right,” a history of the conservative media’s impact on American politics, says of Fox, “It’s the closest we’ve come to having state TV.”
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Daring Fireball: The Making of the Fox News White House
The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer went deep on the relationship between Fox News and Trump’s White House, and makes a compelling case that the line between the two organizations is almost comically blurred:
Fox has long been a bane of liberals, but in the past two years many people who watch the network closely, including some Fox alumni, say that it has evolved into something that hasn’t existed before in the United States. Nicole Hemmer, an assistant professor of Presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and the author of “Messengers of the Right,” a history of the conservative media’s impact on American politics, says of Fox, “It’s the closest we’ve come to having state TV.” […]
The White House and Fox interact so seamlessly that it can be hard to determine, during a particular news cycle, which one is following the other’s lead. All day long, Trump retweets claims made on the network; his press secretary, Sarah Sanders, has largely stopped holding press conferences, but she has made some thirty appearances on such shows as “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity.” Trump, Hemmer says, has “almost become a programmer.”
I still think Trump needs Fox News more than Fox News needs Trump, but ultimately Fox News is at the mercy of its audience. And its audience is crazy.
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‘Nothing's changed’: what happened next after UN poverty envoy's UK visit | Society | The Guardian
Young people were glad to be heard by Philip Alston but have seen little progress since and say politicians should listen more - Ex-Tory MP Heidi Allen admits regret over backing benefits freeze Independent Group MP says ‘lack of knowledge’ led her to vote for policy in 2015
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The Guardians of the French Language Are Deadlocked, Just Like Their Country - The New York Times
But the sacred job of protecting France from “brainless Globish” and the “deadly snobbery of Anglo-American,” as a member spat out in a speech last month, has rarely been more difficult to attain.
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No link between knife crime and police cuts, says Theresa May | UK news | The Guardian
Met police say they cannot ‘magic officers out of thin air’ to deal with rise in stabbings
Austerity  crime  Police  Prison  Theresa  May  CON-servatives  Conservative  Party  nasty  knife 
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4 brave & honourable Ministers put their country, constituents & consciences’ first - time for others…
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