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The Right’s Climate Change Shame | Andrew Sullivan
For allegedly intelligent conservatives like Stephens and Goldberg to devote energy toward climate skepticism while turning a blind eye to vigorous Republican climate vandalism is, quite simply contemptible. I am not reading their minds here. I’m reading their columns. On this question – as on fiscal policy – they’re not skeptics or conservatives; they are dogmatists, sophists and enablers of environmental vandalism. They reveal Republicanism’s calculated assault on the next generations – piling them with unimaginable debt and environmental chaos. This isn’t the cultural conservatism of Burke; it’s the selfish nihilism of Rand.

Let me finish with a quote. It was the first time a major global leader spoke to the U.N. on the question: “It is life itself — human life, the innumerable species of our planet — that we wantonly destroy. It is life itself that we must battle to preserve … The danger of global warming is as yet unseen but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices so we may not live at the expense of future generations. That prospect is a new factor in human affairs. It is comparable in its implications to the discovery of how to split the atom, indeed its results could be even more far-reaching … We should always remember that free markets are a means to an end. They would defeat their object if by their output they did more damage to the quality of life through pollution than the well-being they achieve by the production of goods and services.” That leader also made a core moral argument: “No generation has a freehold on this earth; all we have is a life tenancy with a full repairing lease.”

Those words were Margaret Thatcher’s in 1989. She devoted her entire U.N. speech to conservation and climate change. If the subject was real enough in 1989 to make sacrifices and changes, how much more so almost 30 years later? The difference between Thatcher and today’s Republicans is quite a simple one. She believed in science (indeed was trained as a scientist). She grasped the moral dimensions of the stewardship of the earth from one generation to another. She did not engage in the cowardice of sophists. And unlike these tools and fools on today’s American right, she was a conservative.
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9 days ago by ayjay
Growth and Work | National Review
It seems to me that Cass’s critics take him to be making an economic argument when he is making a political-economy argument, and in our time we have basically forgotten the difference. Or to put the point a little differently: Cass is not exactly arguing that we over-value growth, he is arguing that we over-value economics. His book is a kind of argument against an overly materialistic politics, and is rooted in a fundamentally social conservatism, broadly understood, that sees markets and even prosperity itself as means and not ends. The ends are supplied by an idea of human flourishing rooted in the nature of the human person as understood by the great traditions of our civilization, and therefore focused on family, community, religion, work, and country.

I would note, as an aside, that the same is true of another very important conservative policy book published recently—Reihan Salam’s Melting Pot or Civil War?. Like Cass, Salam is willing and able to confront his critics on their chosen ground, arguing about the effect of low-skill immigration on wages or the philosophical grounds of restrictions on migration. But he is ultimately making an argument rooted in the view that human beings flourish in communities and nations, and that the particular nature of our sociality has to bear on how we think about immigration. He, too, reaches for the deepest ground of disagreement between the left and right, which is anthropological and sociological before it is economic. And so he too seems to have baffled, in the best sense, some of the people he’s seeking to argue with. [...]

This isn’t exactly an argument about whether growth matters (as everyone agrees it does) or whether sometimes other things have to matter more (which we all know is also true). It’s an argument about where to place the weight and emphasis when it comes to addressing particular problems and considering particular policy courses. Healthy policy debates have to be rooted in philosophical premises but directed to concrete realities. That ought to be the next phase of the debate Cass’s book has helped to spark.
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12 days ago by ayjay
SWR2 Forum: Der Streit um die rechte Gesinnung: Sind wir nicht mehr diskursfähig?
Es diskutieren: Dr. Liane Bednarz - Autorin, Hamburg, Jens Jessen - Redakteur der Wochenzeitung "Die Zeit", Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Werner Patzel - Politikwissenschaftler, Technische Universität Dresden Gesprächsleitung: Claus Heinrich


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14 days ago by walt74
Confusion mingles with anger as leafy Esher ponders Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
After talking at length to Raab’s “neglected silent mainstream majority”, I began to appreciate why they might be neglected. What is most notable are the glaring contradictions: May is not up to the job, but she should stick it out. Brexit has been a disaster – and we should get out of Europe as soon as possible. And my personal favourite, that being in the EU has meant, as Hill claims, that the younger generation, including her children, can’t get on the property ladder, followed by the complaint that “property is dropping like a stone round here”.

The cognitive dissonance seems endemic. However, in politics the voters are always right. And while the criticism and analysis heard in Esher may lack a certain intellectual coherence, there is an emotional discontent that is undoubtedly authentic.

Hill describes herself as a Conservative through and through. But, she says: “I’m beginning to think that our politics are trash, we’ve got no leadership and they’re all backstabbers with no integrity.”

That’s something an enemy might say. When it’s coming from a diehard supporter in the sleepy comforts of superbia, the Tories should know they are in trouble.
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21 days ago by petej

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