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Recovering the Middle Ground - The American Mind
I don’t want to speak for Williams, but winning the “civil war” as he envisions it means going after the select group of poisonous ideologues, be they merely influential or actually wielding political or institutional power, and exposing the gulf between their radical ideas and the beliefs of the ordinary Americans whose ostensible support they depend on. In many respects this is less about civil war, than about rooting out a radical fifth column in America, such that ordinary Democrats can be empowered to seek more moderate leadership and those on the right will feel less directly threatened as a result. The ultimate goal for a functioning body politic should be to find the middle ground and compromise where possible when exercising political or legal authority. I hope Williams agrees with this sentiment, and I think he does as he has stated a desire to resolve these conflicts through “passionate and spirited national argument as fellow citizens, rather than as enemies.” Similarly, I would hope that Goldberg would acknowledge finding compromise and accepting disagreement in good faith is contingent on everyone in Washington operating within a shared understanding of certain inviolable Constitutional principles, or at the very least getting actual, broad-based democratic support for amending it, rather than using the judiciary to make it up as they go along. And I think Goldberg would agree that the threats to constitutional rule of law have rarely been greater. But the trick to winning any war, ideological or otherwise, is knowing when to yield, when to attack, and where to aim your fire. I suspect that Williams and Goldberg are having an ultimately minor disagreement over tactics, and they very much agree that a war for the judiciary and the Constitution is worth fighting and winning.
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yesterday by lukemperez
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: Cucks At The Door (Response to Steven Crowder)
"When the conquerors are at the door, do you know what you can expect the women to do?" -- Traditionalism === Gynocentrism
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3 days ago by adamcrowe
The Twilight of the NeverTrumpers - The American Mind
"The central problem both parties face is not a matter of tone or rhetoric in the midst of the chaos and confusion—rhetorical and otherwise—caused by the fall of the old modes and orders. The salient fact of the moment is that the race is on to rethink and reground policy in light of our Republic’s founding principles. The Republican party must realign itself with the real needs of real people if it is to survive. There is no going back; the only way out is through."
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5 days ago by lukemperez
The hygge conspiracy | Charlotte Higgins | Life and style | The Guardian
If this is the year in which globalisation has been found wanting by millions, hygge appeals to an earlier age, an imagined past, where one could take back control or make a country great again. The consumerist trappings of hygge, the books and throws and cushions and candles and holidays and recipes, are not just sold as products with a particular and practical use, but rather as magical objects that might summon up feelings and emotions: of safety and solace, of comfort and calm, o...
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