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James Damore is wrong. It’s fine to discriminate against bigots and bullies
There is a difference between discrimination on the basis of background and discrimination on the basis of behaviour. The former is a prejudice: literally, a pre-judgment, writing someone off before you’ve even met them. The latter is simply a judgment, and it’s not just alright to judge people on how they treat others – it’s admirable. Fairness and justice are not achieved by calculating the mean average of everyone’s opinion, whatever those opinions happen to be.
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2 days ago by owenblacker
On the Dynamics of Ideological Identification: The Puzzle of Liberal Identification Decline* | Political Science Research and Methods | Cambridge Core
Our focus is a puzzle: that ideological identification as “liberal” is in serious decline in the United States, but at the same time support for liberal policies and for the political party of liberalism is not. We aim to understand this divorce in “liberal” in name and “liberal” in policy by investigating how particular symbols rise and fall as associations with the ideological labels “liberal” and “conservative.” We produce three kinds of evidence to shed light on this macro-level puzzle. First, we explore the words associated with “liberal” and “conservative” over time. Then we take up a group conception by examining the changing correlations between affect toward “liberals” and affect toward other groups. Finally, we consider the changing policy correlates of identification.

I am curious about the evolution of *neoliberal* as an expletive.
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18 days ago by rvenkat
Fountainheads of Fusionism | Public Discourse
Communism is no longer such an existential threat as to make allies, however temporary, of libertarians and conservatives. After the fall of the Soviet Union, nothing else has arisen around which conservatives and libertarians might unite in opposition to. Terrorism has not done it; social democracy has not done it; authoritarian populism seems likely only to increase the chasms separating these camps.

So we are left with a question: was fusionism simply a contingently historical phenomenon unique to post-War circumstances in the US? On the contrary: I believe that fusionism is a phenomenon that illustrates a deeper and more fundamental connection between social conservatism and economic liberty. To better understand this connection, let us consider the relationship between Edmund Burke and Adam Smith.
fusionism  edmund-burke  john-locke  culture  conservatism  ethics  politics 
22 days ago by chriskrycho
Viktor Orban’s oligarchs: a new elite emerges in Hungary
--remarkable similarities to the co-evolution of oligarchy autocracy and right-wing populism world over. It is almost as if we are watching the emergence of potential mechanisms through which liberal democracies devolve and regress into something else. Newer the democracy, easier it seems to be to get these going.
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26 days ago by rvenkat

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