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The Asynchronous Computability Theorem – Lev Gorodinski – Medium
In this post I describe the Asynchronous Computability Theorem, which uses tools from Algebraic Topology to show whether a task is solvable in a distributed system. The theorem yields quite readily…
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11 days ago by geetarista
The Asynchronous Computability Theorem – Lev Gorodinski – Medium
Most of the theoretical content and diagrams in this post are taken from the The Topological Structure of Asynchronous Computability by M. Herlihy and N. Shavit.
concurrency  consensus  distributed  topology 
11 days ago by euler
Reaching Consensus -- using a five degree consensus scale
It's worth emphasizing that the whole point of this is to walk through the process, not to achieve a pre-determined outcome. What is more, deadlock is an entirely acceptable result using this technique. Using a consensus scale does not guarantee that a particular proposal will ultimately receive either consensus support or opposition. A strong contrary position taken by even one participant is enough to deny "consensus decision" status - but of course, there are always alternative proposals, and alternative ways to arrive at decisions besides consensus.
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5 weeks ago by trinaisakson
Tendermint is like Apache Web Server for distributed ledgers. It handles things like p2p networking, consensus, transaction broadcasting, etc. It’s agnostic to any business logic process of transactions; to Tendermint they look like binary bytes. You plug in a program that processes the raw transaction bytes. Once a network of validators agree on a block and commit it, the transactions get pushed into the application
p2p  broadcast  consensus  transactions 
6 weeks ago by mpm
Low Fat consensus was wrong: High carb diets increase death rates « JoNova
New research published in the Lancet shows that low fat diets could increase your risk of death.

Specifically, those who are in the top fifth of carbohydrate-eaters are also about 28% more likely to die than the fifth eating the lowest amount. This is a correlation (only), but the PURE* study was tracking the thing that matters most — all-cause mortality –  and they followed the diets of 135,000 people in 18 countries for 5 – 9 years.  Loosely, if people avoided high carbohydrate diets, they were less likely to die.
food  consensus  science  lowFat 
7 weeks ago by Jswindle
@WarrenPearce discusses #EnvComm at the @guardianeco #climatechange #consensus…
– MEnvSust (MEnvSust)
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11 weeks ago by WarrenPearce

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