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@WarrenPearce discusses #EnvComm at the @guardianeco #climatechange #consensus…
– MEnvSust (MEnvSust)
climatechange  EnvComm  consensus 
15 days ago by WarrenPearce
[no title]
the nature of science.. consensus and public policy
climate  change  consensus 
18 days ago by vdub
Making Money – Tess Rinearson – Medium
I tried to explain how bitcoin and blockchains work, using emoji:
bitcoin  blockchain  distributed  consensus  system  from twitter_favs
27 days ago by moderation
Bitcoin disaster looming
Clear explanation of a potential community schism
bitcoin  consensus  segwit 
4 weeks ago by nelson
No consensus in exactly-once | The passenger
wow- refreshingly clear primer on "exactly-once" from flavio in an era of loose claims and marketing hype

— go bookie, go! (@l4stewar) July 8, 2017
exactly-once  consensus  flp 
5 weeks ago by lestew
How Your Data is Stored, or, The Laws of the Imaginary Greeks
If you don’t work in computers, you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about how data gets stored on computers or in the cloud. I’m not talking about the physical ways that hard disks or…
algorithms  consensus  paxos  distributed  interesting 
8 weeks ago by djhworld
The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Bad for Democracy - MIT Technology Review
A new form of online survey uses crowdsourcing and data visualization to reveal the hidden nuances in partisan debates.
survey  democracy  politics  positivity  consensus  participation 
9 weeks ago by ivar

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