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I'm So Into You, Be Into Me (COMPLETE)
Arthur/Merlin, modern au

Arthur is the prince or the son of someone important, and has been forced to live in the closet. He's always known he was gay, but never been able to risk anyone finding out so he's never even kissed another man. At age 25, he decides to hire a hustler, but because of his paranoia decides against setting an appointment up through the regular channels. Maybe he puts an ad in the newspaper, asking for a man in his twenties to show up at such and such hotel, enter the designated room, but the key thing is he has to wear a blindfold during the entire encounter.

Merlin needs money for some reason and against his better judgment answers the ad.
arthur/merlin  *posted  complete  Infidelity  prostitution  consensual.restraint  hospitalisation  injury 
july 2014 by mxa_news
Corporal Reward (COMPLETE)
Arthur/Merlin -
age difference, Dom!Merlin/sub!Arthur

Boarding school headmaster Merlin has been eagerly watching the security camera images of Arthur Pendragon being fucked by his classmates - the one of him begging to be used by Percival's huge cock was particularly stimulating - and waiting for him to turn 18, so he can take on his training personally.
*posted  complete  orgasm-denial  dub-con  humiliation  age-disparity  consensual.restraint  gang.bang 
february 2012 by mxa_news

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*posted  age-disparity  arthur/merlin  complete  dub-con  gang.bang  hospitalisation  humiliation  infidelity  injury  orgasm-denial  prostitution 

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