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out of the blue
Jack keeps accidentally having sex with Connor McDavid.

Also, he may or may not be falling for some dude over Twitter that he's never even met.

(These two facts are in no way related.)
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  au  youvegotmail  fusion  secretidentity  idday  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2017  <030k  nhldraft2015 
4 weeks ago by wolfgrin
the more that i know you (the more i want to)
Connor would never have dreamed of it happening, when they were named to the same team.

He certainly doesn't expect it to continue.


(Or, Connor and Jack hook up at the World Cup. What comes next is... well. New.)
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  idday  connormcdavid  jackeichel  comingout  2017  <030k  nhldraft2015 
4 weeks ago by wolfgrin
to make a destination
Magic isn’t real. Having psychic visions of a future full of Connor McDavid is the kind of thing Jack can only describe as bad luck.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  magicalrealism  dreams  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <050k  nhldraft2015 
4 weeks ago by wolfgrin
show your hand
"I kissed McDavid and then we won a game," Jack blurts out. He flexes his hand nervously.

There's a suspicious silence on the other end of the phone line, but Noah is probably not laughing at him. Out loud.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  superstition  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <005k  nhldraft2015 
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a place to lay your head
This would be easier if Connor had a tighter grasp on what he's hoping for. He's starting to think he doesn't really know.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  roadtrip  addandsubtract  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2016  <100k  nhldraft2015 
5 weeks ago by wolfgrin
i feel your heart beat (just like mine)
Connor mutters "I thought you didn't like me," out of the corner of his mouth.

"I don't," Jack says.

Connor's staring at him. "But you knew," he says. His words might be generic-- gave him a time and place, maybe, but not person. But Jack's weren't. Aren't.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  au  soulmates  soulmarks  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <030k  nhldraft2015 
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something to fear and something to hold
In which Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel become reluctant friends, and then accidental boyfriends, despite some struggles to communicate and many, many air miles in between. The course of true love never did run smooth.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  daisysusan  maleyka  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <030k  nhldraft2015 
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maybe you're fireproof
“Okay,” Jack says. He sounds deceptively calm as he takes a few steps forward and throws himself onto the bed next to Connor, lying on his stomach and propping himself up on his elbows. “What are we watching?”

Connor doesn’t answer immediately, just messes with his computer for a few seconds, and then spins it so that Jack can see what’s pulled up on the screen. It’s porn, which is what Jack expected. That’s what people watch to jerk off; it’s what he watches and of course it’s what Connor McDa...
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  porn  daisysusan  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <010k  nhldraft2015 
6 weeks ago by wolfgrin
think i’ve mistaken you for somebody else
Connor’s having trouble getting used to seeing a Strome in his colours on his ice again.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/ryan  slash  firsttime  cheaplemonicelolly  connormcdavid  ryanstrome  dylanstrome  2018  <005k 
12 weeks ago by wolfgrin
Actually it's about ethics in sports journalism
Rule one of the sports beat reporter playbook is: don’t get too familiar with the players. Connor has been having to remind himself of this rule a lot, lately.
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/connor  slash  au  firsttime  cheaplemonicelolly  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2018  <010k  nhldraft2015 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
while making the most of the night (i'll love you)
(905): Be there in 20. Want icecream?

(1-905): Sex. I want sex. But i like where your head's at

[Or: Dylan jokes around about hooking up with Connor, but Connor's really not joking at all. Dylan isn't either.]
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/connor  slash  firsttime  stonesnuggler  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  heatwave  2017  <010k  nhldraft2015 
october 2018 by wolfgrin
a thousand firsts
It’s June 26th for the third time that week.

(Or, Connor ends up stuck in a time loop.)
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/connor  slash  firsttime  pkd  dylanstrome  connormcdavid  groundhogday  2018  <010k  nhldraft2015 
july 2018 by wolfgrin
bring us a dream
Connor’s mind races. He’s got a pretty busy work week coming up, and he’s not sure what Mitch’s shifts are like, but— “Tomorrow morning?” he asks. “If you’re free?”

“Uh, sure,” Mitch says. He glances at Dylan, then looks back at Connor. “Is your boyfriend coming on this date with us, honey?”

Connor ignores the burn in his cheeks at the pet name. Dylan snorts. “You mean am I coming to your lame strategy meeting for fucking beer league?”
fic  rpf  hockey  nhldraft2015  mitch/connor/dylan  au  threesome  bringinginathird  slash  thistidalwave  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  mitchmarner  establishedrelationship  firsttime  2016  <050k  favourite 
july 2018 by wolfgrin
The Inevitable Decline of the No Sad, Big Smile Break-Up Service
The crazy part of all this is that the break-up service wasn’t even Mitch’s idea. What happened with the break-up service was this: Mitch spent too much money on useless shit that he didn’t need, like a pair of matching mobster fedoras for him and Auston, and a suit jacket lined with his spare pond hockey jersey, and custom maple leaf printed toilet paper, and he ran out of money to spend on the things that he did need, like an education and food and a roof over his head. And then Will Nylander—some sophomore that they met two winters ago while playing hockey at the Staal pond—joked, “I’ll pay you if you break up with my psycho girlfriend for me.”

And just like that, a business was born.
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  mitch/auston  dylan/connor  slash  au  firsttime  luxover  pondice  mitchmarner  austonmatthews  dylanstrome  connormcdavid  2017  <030k  threesome  nhldraft2015 
june 2018 by wolfgrin
i think i missed you (before i met you)
five times dylan kissed connor when he didn't expect it, and once when connor kissed dylan and he didn't expect it.
fic  rpf  hockey  erieotters  dylan/connor  slash  megeggsalad  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2017  <005k  fivethings  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin
where there's a whisk, there's a way
From there it had progressed to silly YouTube videos of them giggling their way through recipes, until finally, they started acting more professionally in them. Dylan chatted animatedly through the process of baking, and then usually chirped Connor all through the decorating. People seemed to like the banter, at least, because they’d amassed seven million subscribers over the course of three years, which still sort of baffled Connor sometimes.
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/connor  slash  firsttime  au  bakery  lilcrickee  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2016  <010k  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin
i hope we stay thick as thieves
Connor McDavid and Dylan Strome are going to the Toronto Maple Leafs together. Even if they have to get married about it.
fic  rpf  hockey  erieotters  dylan/connor  au  slash  electrumqueen  marriageofconvenience  fakedating  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2015  <010k  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin
Princely Reasons
Of course Dylan’s falling for Prince Connor, third in line for the Canadian throne. Of course he fucking is.
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/connor  slash  firsttime  au  royalty  college  forks  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  mitchmarner  2016  <050k  favourite  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin
come again
It doesn't come out of nowhere, despite what Dylan probably thinks.

And, okay, Mitch knows that the super adult thing to do would have been to just talk about it, sit down on the sofa and bring it up and give his reasons and whatever, but he's forever and always himself, so that's not how it goes. Mitch waits until Dylan starts eating his gross yogurt, and just when Dylan puts his fourth scoop into his mouth, Mitch says, "I think we should have sex."

Dylan chokes on his mouthful of yogurt, walking the two steps to the sink so he can spit it out and continue coughing, and Mitch opens up his own jar of yogurt and digs in.


(or: Mitch is ace. That doesn't mean he isn't curious.)
fic  rpf  hockey  mitch/dylan  slash  establishedrelationship  asexuality  somehowunbroken  mitchmarner  dylanstrome  connormcdavid  2018  <030k  future  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin

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