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Connor - Finance and Accounting Intern at Nestlé Waters
During his finance internship at Nestlé Waters, Connor got hands-on experience with running the numbers, connected with mentors and started planning for his future.
NestleWaters  finance  internship  connor 
august 2018 by TMP
A LONELY HUNTER - spicyshimmy - Dragon Age [Archive of Our Own]
In which Connor Guerrin hides his magic and serves as the Arl of Redcliffe, makes friends with too many dogs, and keeps his secrets tucked beneath his gloves. He named the dog Warden. It was a predictable choice for a Fereldan; he liked to say it was either that or Grey, but he didn’t want to confuse the runt, brown and brindled as he was, or give him anything close to a complex—more than what he had already.
dragon_age  connor  feynriel  connor/feynriel  A/U 
march 2018 by salinea
Tests of the Maker - stealyourshiny - Dragon Age II [Archive of Our Own]
After the events of the game the party parts ways. Except for Anders and Fenris that ended up together. Since Anders is the most wanted man in Thedas they always have to flee... Together.

In the midst of hatred and fights they start to like each other...
fic  dragon_age  anders  fenris  fenris/anders  oc  tabris  nathaniel  connor  anora  zevran  varric  varania 
february 2018 by salinea

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