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Screw Terminal Block Connectors @
As a kind of connector, the terminal block is an important module in the electric industry. It is convenient to connect wires in prototypes with breadboards.
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may 2018 by cyberchucktx
Linkers and connectors
In spite of / despite [a pesar de]
On one hand / on the other hand [por un lado... por el otro lado]
Due to [debido a]
Therefore [por lo tanto, por eso, luego]
Nevertheless [sin embargo]
As well as [además de]
For instance [por ejemplo]
Whereas [mientras que]
So [así que, por lo que]
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april 2018 by iteruel
The Cable Bible
"A comprehensive source for identifying cables and connectors potentially used for audiovisual/media preservation. Cable types and connectors are organized by the primary purpose of the signal being transferred - video, audio-only, data (i.e. computer cables) and power. Examples of physical connectors (along with pinouts and contextual uses for each kind of cable/connector combination) are provided in buttons, nested within descriptions of signal types, wiring, interfaces and protocols!"
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april 2018 by shello

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