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No ‘big splash’ as Connecticut continues slow wade into offshore wind | Energy News Network
Connecticut officials continued a measured approach to offshore wind last month, selecting just one of several projects seeking state backing through a zero-carbon electricity bid.
energynews  connecticut  offshorewind 
21 days ago by eversourcenh
Bill would end state sale of voters’ data - NewsTimes
A new bill introduced by state Reps. Fred Camillo, R-Greenwich and Brenda Kupchick, R-Fairfield, would limit the disclosure of voter registration data — which includes things birth date, home addresses, party affiliation and more — and prohibit the sale of that data for commercial use.

Connecticut is the only state in the country that allows for the sale of voter registration data for commercial purposes, a vestige of the state’s strong Freedom of Information Act long before electronic privacy became an issue.
connecticut  data  privacy  security 
4 weeks ago by Weaverbird
Shakespeare theater in Stratford burns to ground - NewsTimes
The Shakespeare theater burned to the ground early Sunday morning, shocking the community and leaving crews to spend hours trying to extinguish the remaining flames.

The building where many famous theater stars performed was an integral part of the community.
connecticut  theatre  shakespeare 
4 weeks ago by Weaverbird
Connecticut moves to preserve Millstone nuclear plant with 10-year power deal | Utility Dive
Connecticut statute Public Act 17-3, signed by Democratic Gov. Daniel Malloy in June, 2017, required state regulators to study the economic viability of the Millstone plant, which Dominion warned could close if it did not receive financial support.
utilitydive  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  millstone 
6 weeks ago by eversourcenh
When Connecticut's changing leaves will be most brilliant
For science, Trend CT determined the daily dominant color of leaves between 2012 and 2015 by scraping and analyzing thousands of images from the state’s outdoor haze and visibility cameras on Cornwall Mohawk Mountain and Talcott Mountain Science Center in Avon that overlooks Hartford.
datavis  fall  connecticut  color 
7 weeks ago by alykat
Emissions from New England power plants fall again |
Air pollution from the region's power plants continued to decline in 2017, continuing a long-term trend, according to a new draft report from ISO New England.
MassLive  carbonemissions  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
CT Selects Bids For Offshore Wind, Solar And Nuclear - North American Windpower
As part of a request for proposals (RFP) for zero-carbon electric generation, Connecticut has selected bids for nine solar, one offshore wind and two nuclear power projects.
NorthAmericanWindPower  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Solar, Wind, Nuclear Lead Connecticut Energy Auction | CleanTechnica
The state of Connecticut wants to clean up its electrical energy act by getting its power from sources that do not add more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. During the past six months, it received over 100 bids and has selected 12 finalists. Nine of the winners are from solar power plant operators — 3 in Connecticut and 6 from outside the state. Two of the solar power bids include battery storage.
CleanTechnica  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Connecticut to tap power from Seabrook to generate clean energy
Nuclear power plants in Connecticut and New Hampshire made the list of electricity producers selected Friday to generate the clean energy needed to help meet Connecticut’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
concordmonitor  associatedpress  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear  seabrook 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Two nuclear plants win 'zero carbon' energy contracts in Connecticut |
Two nuclear power plants, an offshore wind project, and nine solar farms will help Connecticut utilities provide "zero-carbon" electricity to their retail customers.
MassLive  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear  seabrook 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh

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