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Wifi Porter - Join Wi-Fi with a tap
Join Wi-Fi networks by tapping your phone to a gorgeous block of wood. For iOS and Android.
ios  wifi  connect  product  device  android 
2 days ago by roggedoggelito
(116) How to set up and connect a power amplifier in bridge mode - YouTube
How to set up and connect a power amplifier in bridge mode
How  to  set  up  and  connect  a  power  amplifier  in  bridge  parallel  mono  mode 
13 days ago by kilroy2
Solved: Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the lis... - Page 4 - The Spotify Community
(On potentially fixing the Spotify Connect problem—)
“I was dealing with this issue too, and found a solution:
“- Change password
“- Logout from all devices (using Spotify web portal)
“I first tried doing this using only the second step, but that doesn’t work. The thing is: devices appear to be saving the password locally. So when you logout all devices, they will simply log back in. That’s where the password change comes in, which prevents those devices from logging back in (until you’d login with the new password, of course).
“Hope this helps.”
spotify  connect  2019 
5 weeks ago by handcoding
Solved: Delete or "unlink" devices on spotify connect - Page 4 - The Spotify Community
(On unlinking a Spotify device:)
“Go on your cellphone.
“Open spotify.
“Connected devices or ‘currently playing’.
“Select the 3 dots/options next to the device name.
“Select ‘forget device’.”
spotify  connect  2019 
5 weeks ago by handcoding

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