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Dynamic effort days will not be easy. These were harder and heavier than the max effort days. First, I started with nine sets of three, then switched to 12 doubles as Louie suggested, because in a powerlifting competition you just do singles, so you are better off doing a first rep 12 times than only nine times.
Dynamic movements should be done fast. We are using 50%, 55%, or 60% bar weight, plus 20% or 25% of bands or chains for accommodating resistance. The bar should be moving fast. If it is not fast, reduce the weight. You are not lifting for your ego; you are lifting for speed-strength, which is the ability to develop force rapidly.
Rest periods of 40 to 60 seconds for dynamic effort work nearly gave me heart attacks in the first few weeks. Totally worth it!
Bands are useful for raw lifters as well! Louie (and Zatsiorsky) writes about the mini-max point, and examined that a barbell loaded with weight plates is too heavy at the bottom but too light at the top. If you apply some bands, weight loading throughout the movement will be just perfect for that extra improvement.
Another very important aspect of using bands is speed — more precisely deceleration. As you are approaching the lockout of a deadlift, bench, or squat, you will feel (no matter what) that the barbell is slowing down. Applying bands will help keep up that speed even toward the end of the lift.
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The conjugate is where we change the sign in the middle of two terms
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