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Adding lanes doesn't reduce congestion. So what is TxDOT doing? -
IN A 2014 study of 228 U.S. cities, two economists at the University of Toronto found what they call "the fundamental law of road congestion," which is known as "induced demand" or "induced travel."

Even when you account for population growth, the law holds. The easier it is to drive, the more people do it. Adding capacity — widening a freeway by a few lanes or building a new one — makes driving more attractive, right up until the added capacity gets used up.

It is almost axiomatic. Over tim...
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november 2018 by hellsten
MyPurMist | Personal Steam Inhaler for Cold & Congestion Relief
MyPurMist relieves sinus discomfort, congestion and allergies. Doctor recommended natural steam therapy. Safe alternative to humidifiers and vaporizers for children.
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may 2018 by madscene

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