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Trump, Kushner and the businessman fallacy
Simon Kuper MARCH 8, 2018
The “businessman fallacy” — the notion that a rich businessman (never a woman) can run government better than a mere politician — is Donald Trump’s basic promise. That’s why the combustion of his son-in-law, fellow real-estate heir and senior adviser Jared Kushner — whose business dealings in the White House scream conflict of interest — is so telling. Kushner incarnates the businessman fallacy.......The businessman-turned-politician is often blinded by hubris. This usually stems from the “money delusion”: the idea that life is a race to make money, and that rich people (“winners”) therefore possess special wisdom.

Many businessmen imagine they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps in a free market, something that more people could do if only there was “less government in business”. This self-image usually omits context: the fact, say, that the businessman’s father built the company (before being jailed on a ridiculous technicality) or that government enforced his contracts and schooled his employees.....Rich Americans tend to feel contempt for politicians because they have learnt to treat them as lowly service providers who will sit up and beg for donations.
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Google vs. Uber: How One Engineer Sparked a War - WSJ
By Jack Nicas and Tim Higgins
Updated May 23, 2017

Anthony Levandowski started outside tech companies while working for Google, which alleges he took driverless-car secrets to a competitor.....Google parent Alphabet Inc. and Uber are embroiled in a legal fight over driverless-car technology, with Mr. Levandowski playing a starring role. The two firms, along with several other companies, are locked in a race to automate cars, a contest that could affect the future of transportation......Google’s approach [i.e. encouraging entrepreneurship amongst employees] helps it create new businesses, it also can spark disagreements between the company and its employees over who owns certain technology......Alphabet accuses Mr. Levandowski of stealing its trade secrets around driverless-car technology and bringing it to Uber, which he joined as its head of its driverless-car project last year after earning more than $120 million at Google. Alphabet has filed two arbitration claims against Mr. Levandowski and is suing Uber for allegedly conspiring with him.....
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Think tanks need to show us the money - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Feb. 09 2015

Like Brookings, almost of all of Canada’s leading think tanks claim to be independent and non-partisan. But while none – not even the Broadbent Institute – is directly affiliated with a political party, it’s not hard to discern an identifiable political agenda in the research they produce. American think tanks, says former think-tank founder David Callahan, “often operate as the motherships of ideological movements – weaving together a jumble of values and ideas into a coherent story and actionable agenda.” You could easily say the same of most of their Canadian counterparts.
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Mayor Ford’s business contracts raise question of conflict - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Aug. 20 2014
conflicts_of_interest  Rob_Ford  Toronto  mayoral 
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Boardroom shifts spell trouble for big banks
Nov. 26 2013 | The Globe and Mail | BOYD ERMAN.
New directors bring new relationships, and Canada’s greying boardrooms herald an opportunity for foreign and independent investment banks that are steadily making inroads in the Canadian market...The days are long gone of an investment banker sitting on a Canadian company’s board and steering all the advisory business to his own bank (let’s be honest, odds are it was a man). Rules on director conflicts have largely ended that. But name a Canadian company and most people in finance can recite the house banker, and it’s often one that does the lending.

Those relationships are not going to just go away. But the potential for conflict of interest is going to mean that the major banks are going to find themselves sharing merger fees more often with outside firms that are independent. Board renewal is only going to accelerate that.
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Think markets raise capital? Think again.
March 25, 2013 | G&M | John Kay as told to Brian Milner

On the glut of information available to investors:

“We need to dispose of the idea that more information is better and eliminate informa...
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Disclosure - Brooke Oberwetter, (Parenthetically...)
Washington is a city where many people are employed or their services are retained simply because they are good at persuading people of things. This unfortunately leads their opponents to the understandable (but intellectually lazy) circumstantial ad hominem conclusion that because Person A takes money from industry X, we cannot believe anything Person A says about industry X.
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Minerals Service Had a Mandate to Produce Results
The Minerals Management Service has been ridiculed as a pawn of the oil industry it was meant to oversee, and the Gulf Coast office has drawn particular scorn.
Minerals_Management_Service  Offshore_Drilling_and_Exploration  Gulf_of_Mexico  Oil_(Petroleum)_and_Gasoline  Conflicts_of_Interest  BP_Plc|BP|NYSE  from google
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