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Identity Management
What is making me feel so strongly about this such
that I am digging in and making this conflict so difficult to resolve?
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2 days ago by rhaley

Here is a modified version of the SAGE process that you can do alone and then in conversation with your adversary.

Step 1. Step Back

What is and isn’t working in terms of t...
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3 days ago by rhaley
Games for Learning about Conflict Resolution
Games for Learning about Conflict Resolution
Presenter:​ Ellen Grove
Track:​ Learning Session
Type:​ Workshop
Audience Level:​ Learning
Room Setup:​ Rounds
Duration:​ 75 minutes
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28 days ago by rhaley
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Conflict Resolution Techniques

Common Ground

When to Use:
When there are two solutions presented that seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum and neither one is viable. Your goal is to hel...
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august 2019 by rhaley
Conflicts - Source and Solution in Agile SCRUM
Conflicts Source and Solution in Agile SCRUM
Published on May 17, 2018

Uttam ThakurFollow
Environment Strategist |TDM | Project Management | Agile practitioner | QA | PMP®️ CSM®️

In Agil...
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august 2019 by rhaley
Feedback Toolbox - Rumble Language
Rumble Language

The story I make up ...
I'm curious about ...
Tell me more ...
That's not my experience ...
I'm wondering ...
Help me understand ...
Walk me through that ...
What's your pass...
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july 2019 by rhaley
Team Conflict
A wonderful example of this was the 90-minute session that I facilitated on team conflict with Julie Huffaker. With little time to prepare, we created a string of four structures in under 3 minutes an...
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july 2019 by rhaley
[每日頭條] 大多數國家的現行法律制度,大致可以分為兩個系統

(1)習慣法系(Common Law),又稱不成文法系、普通法系、英美法系等。它源於英國的法律制度。以傳統導向為主,重視習慣和判例,假使沒有特殊的判例或法令,習慣法往往由法官自行裁定。 ...

(2)成文法系(Code Law)。又稱為大陸法系。其判決基礎大致都有可供依據的法律條文,而不是依賴判例和法官解釋。在實行成文法的國家,明確的法律條文是非常重要的,而且其法律條文要能包括所有可能的法律事實和狀況。由於成文法系國家不依據以前的裁決,因此同樣的法系,因不同的用意,將產生解釋上的偏差。
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june 2019 by jslu
Agile Learning Centers, Liberated Learners, and Sudbury Schools: What’s the Difference? | Alliance for Self-Directed Education
"An exploration of three popular models for supporting self-directed learners.

Table of Contents
A Brief History
Is it a School?
Core Values
What’s Required?
Conflict Resolution
Who Makes the Decisions, and How?
Classes, Activities, Mentorship, and Asking for Help
Conclusion: What’s the Same?"
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february 2019 by robertogreco
[Aaron Longwell] Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders
The idea applies to any kind of leader, but I think it’s especially applicable to leaders of software projects, where the unique dynamics of unpredictability and complexity collide. ... Successful software managers find ways to be flexible; to bend without breaking and to resolve the tension gradually. Servant leadership can be a guide to finding this flexibility.
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august 2018 by jslu
Megan Phelps-Roper: I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left
Must-watch: "Megan Phelps-Roper: I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left" —
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july 2017 by WimLeers

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