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Git essentials: Get started with Git version control | InfoWorld
Learn how Git manages versions and how to install the necessary software to access Git servers where your software project will be stored
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2 days ago by gilberto5757
formatting - How to turn off JSLint indentation warnings? - Stack Overflow
Q: I find that JSLint produces lots of warnings of the form:
Expected 'foo' to have an indentation at X instead at Y. [...]
tool  javascript  node.js  tips  issue  workaround  example  configuration  codingstandards  2009  stackexchange  forumthread 
2 days ago by ezequiel
API versioning and evolution with proxies – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
Ribbon - Camel - Istio - Sidecar - API Management / Apigee

We went down the route of placing a pure proxy in front of server B2 which transparently proxied requests to server B2 except those select requests which required the behavior and the interface of service A to be mirrored. The proxy was called Sentinel and was written in LuaJIT which offered a runtime that was orders of magnitude more performant than Python’s.

Where the primary design goal of server A was to act as an auth proxy, the primary design objective of Sentinel was two-pronged:

— to be as pure a proxy as possible (with little to no business logic)
— to shield the /v3 endpoints in B2 from having to understand the RPC protocol used by its predecessors

Sentinel could understand the RPC protocol used by service A and massage the incoming requests into a RESTful format, which it then dispatched to service B2 for the actual processing. Sentinel could also interpret the response sent back by B2 and dress it up in the format the clients were used to handling, paving the way for us to decommission service A for good.

We used Consul for service discovery and for storing small amounts of configuration data in the Consul K/V store. Consul watches make it possible to monitor specific keys for updates and invoke a handler every time there’s a change. Another option is to make use of blocking queries to long poll a Consul endpoint for updates. Being able to set a watch on a key is supported by most Chubby inspired systems, be it Zookeeper or etcd or Consul. The key in Consul was set to something along the lines of:
api  Architecture  integration  configuration 
3 days ago by janpeuker
javascript - Can JSLint be configured using an external config file in the same manner as JSHint's .jshintrc? - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] JSHint has a wonderful feature whereby you can declare all these in a parent folder using the body of the .jshintrc file. Does JSLint have something like this? It seems like such an obvious addition, but I can find nothing like this which will work across IDEs (Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Brackets, Sublime Text,...). [...]
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4 days ago by ezequiel

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