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A security update for Raspbian PIXEL - Raspberry Pi
If you want to enable SSH, all you need to do is to put a file called ssh in the /boot/ directory.
RPi  raspberrypi  raspbian  SSH  boot  configuration 
13 hours ago by clepple
Easily Connect to l2tp/IPsec VPN in Ubuntu 18.04 – BVZZ Design Blog
creating an l2tp over IPsec connection in Ubuntu proved to be a nontrivial task, so here is the process in case I ever need to remember in the future
ubuntu  l2tp  ipsec  vpn  configuration  howto  client 
21 hours ago by Tknvbe
Working with Google Analytics API v4 for Android – Ben Wilcock
For v4 of the Google Analytics API for Android, Google has moved the implementation into Google Play Services. As part of the move the EasyTracker class has been removed, but it still possible to get a fairly simple 'automatic' Tracker up and running with little effort. In this post I'll show you how. Assumptions: You're already using…
googleanalytics  configuration  gav4  android  tracking 
yesterday by lgtout
Configuration as Code.
json  configuration 
2 days ago by f440
Configuring Spring Boot with file | Java, JS & Web
Are you familiar with the capabilities of the file? Learn how to confgure your Spring Boot application with custom property keys.
springboot  configuration 
2 days ago by lincze

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