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Upbeat & Inspiring Corporate (Royalty Free Music) by BlueFoxMusic | Blue Fox Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud
License this Royalty Free Music track for just $19 here: I hope this uplifting and motivational music can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use: TV or Radio advert – Youtube Video – Podcast – Film – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Social Media Marketing – School and College Work – Videohive Preview – Viral Marketing Campaign – Mobile Phone App – Business and Promotional Presentation – Home Video – Theme Tune – Youtube Channel Intro / Outro – Crowdfunding Video – Background Music – Slide Show – Documentary – Cinema – TV Promotion – Web – Holiday and Vacation Videos – Sports Media – Party / Gig Promo Video … Thank You For Listening! :) BlueFoxMusic
soundcloud  advertising  background  beauty  business  commercial  confident  corporate  dance  energetic  guitar  hopeful  innovate  inspiration  inspirational  marketing  modern  motiv 
february 2018 by namu
Advertising Success - Royalty Free Stock Background Music (Watermarked) by Olexandr Ignatov | Free Listening on SoundCloud
‘Advertising Success’ – What a great advertising music track should be like? Simple, inspiring, beautiful and motivational, as well as it should go in hand with successful video production. That’s all about this track! Light pop rock with inspirational guitars and melodies will perfectly fi and make your advertisement a success and unforgettable, inspirational experience that will make your customers feel good and trusted. Great for corporate promotional or successful marketing video production, motivational and inspiring videos, advertisements and commercials, tv, radio, podcasts. If you want to really make your video successful, inspiring, beautiful and motivational – you should definitely get this for your production, because it will make it! Take your project to another level, Inspire and motivate your audience with ‘Advertising Success :)
soundcloud  advertising  business  commercial  confidence  confident  corporate  happiness  happy  inspiration  inspirational  inspiring  marketing  motivating  motivational  music  popular  positive  p 
july 2017 by namu

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