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Doing Presentations
Excellent advice on preparing and presenting talks.
presentations  advice  howto  speaking  conferences 
12 hours ago by amcewen
Event Fahrplan für den 6. Leipziger Semantic Web Tag
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6 days ago by tp78
Lanyard Lifter - Conference badge height adjuster by unixbigot - Thingiverse
Does your conference badge dangle in your lap when you sit? Do does your badge hang so low that people must stare at your navel (or worse, lower) to read your name?

This gadget slips over your lanyard ribbons and winds up excess length, allowing you to shorten the lanyard, but still easily take your lanyard off over your head (the device will unwind with a gentle pull).
3dprinting  lanyard  conferences  conference 
9 days ago by bezthomas
Introducing Proceedings of the ACM
"Proceedings of the ACM on X (PACM) is a new journal series with first issues planned for 2017. This series is suitable for those ACM SIG-sponsored conferences that adapt their review processes to be comparable to those of journals. It has been launched in recognition of the fact that conference-centric publishing disadvantages the CS community with respect to other scientific disciplines when competing with researchers from other disciplines for top science awards and career progression, and the fact that top ACM conferences have demonstrated high quality and high impact on the field."
acm  research  journals  conferences  computer-science 
11 days ago by ssn
Affect Conf on Twitter: "Like our Color Communication buttons and want to bring them to your own events and things? The template is now available for download! #AffectConf…"
“Like our Color Communication buttons and want to bring them to your own events and things? The template is now available for download!”

(These are the buttons that say things like, “hello there”, “say hi if we know each other” and “all talked out, need some space”.)
buttons  twitter  affectconf  2018  conferences 
12 days ago by handcoding
Resources | Affect Conf
“Inspired by the Austistic Self Advocacy Network’s Color Communication badges, we adapted the idea into 2.25’ round buttons. The idea is to give folx the option to swap between the buttons throughout the day.

“Want to print your own or customize messaging? Feel free to use our button templates as a starter guide!”

(The buttons say, “hello there!”, “say hi if we know each other”, and “all talked out, need some space”.)

buttons  conferences  socialanxiety  2018 
13 days ago by handcoding
The Man in the Yellow Shirt – Popula
"Being a woman sucks sometimes. Being a woman at a tech conference sucks almost always, but this conference was special, in that it sucked more."
2018  journalism  conferences 
13 days ago by mechazoidal
duffn/gophercon2018: A compilation of tutorial and talk presentations and videos from Gophercon 2018.
Tutorials and talks from Gophercon 2018 in Denver, Colorado, USA from August 27-30, 2018.
golang  tutorial  talks  programming  conferences 
14 days ago by ssorc

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