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Conference: New York Digital Humanities Symposium – University at Buffalo|December 1, 2018
The goals of this conference are to form a sustained digital humanities working group within the SUNY system and to facilitate communication and collaboration more broadly across New York state and its regions. We believe the SUNY system could serve as a backbone for greater exchange between DH efforts across New York institutions and hope our conference can begin the dialogue on how we might proceed toward building such connections and the infrastructures to sustain them.
This free event is intended as the first of these collaborative efforts, and is being co-coordinated by faculty from two SUNY campuses. We look forward to connecting with others from the New York area whose work falls within any area of the digital humanities or related fields, whether as a researcher, teacher, academic staff, or other professional. In addition to proposals for inter-campus collaboration, the symposium will also offer a chance for us to take a survey of the exciting projects and pedagogy taking place across the state, including recent work and project still in early development. Following the conference, findings from our conversations will be collected and shared.
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Climate Change Skeptics Will Debate Policy in Portsmouth | New Hampshire Public Radio
Several climate science skeptics from around the world will join a controversial conference in Portsmouth over the next two days.
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The best (all-English) conference in Spain for ObjC, Swift and Cocoa Developers.
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