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Conductive Nylon Fabric 5mm Tape @ Adafruit
This Conductive Nylon tape goes great with our other interesting materials, such as copper tape, ITO glass or plastic, conductive inks, etc. We found that the metallic nylon fabric has some great improvements over plain copper tape.
adafruit  wearable  power  tape  conductive 
february 2019 by cyberchucktx
Vorbeck | Global Leader in Graphene Products & Solutions
Vorbeck is the leader in research, design, development, & manufacturing of RFIDs, antennas, wearables, graphene, batteries, conductive inks, & enhanced rubber.
materials  science  graphene  technology  engineering  wearable  electronics  design  research  development  antenna  battery  conductive  inks  enhanced  rubber 
november 2018 by asaltydog
Silc Circuits: High Performance Conductive Silicone: 20 Steps
Silc Circuits: High Performance Conductive Silicone: RUBBERY CONDUCTIVE FUN! Build Waterproof, Wearable, Bouncy, Heatproof, Low-Resistance, Transparent, Indestructible circuits!Plus it's real easy to do, and requires few exotic materials!The goal here is to open up an amazing material, Silicone, tha...
silicone  conductive  instructables  efinger  hardware 
october 2018 by severin.smith
Turn Touch Into Sound - Bare Conductive
Bare Conductive produces a suite of printed electronics products that enable individuals and companies to integrate electronics directly into the environment. Their conductive paint and easy-to-use development kits let anyone prototype their electronic visions of the future.
diy  music  kits  circuits  paint  conductive  touch 
september 2018 by rsewan
How to use shielded cable - Bare Conductive
capacitive sensing on the Touch Board and Pi Cap can detect touches through non-conductive materials
sensors  conductive  exhibits  howto  projectionmapping 
august 2018 by garyleatherman
The basic idea that [Florens Wasserfall] and colleagues at the University of Hamburg have come up with is a 3D-printer with a few special modifications. One is a separate extruder than squirts a conductive silver-polymer ink, the other is a simple vacuum tip on the printer extruder for pick and place operations. The bed of the printer also has a tray for storing SMD parts and cameras for the pick-and-place to locate parts and orient them before placing them into the uncured conductive ink traces. The key to making the hardware work together though is a toolchain that allows circuits to be integrated into the print.
3dprinting  conductive  fullstack 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Paperduino 2.0 With Circuit Scribe @ Instructables
What if making an Arduino, or wiring up an Arduino was as easy as printing one out? In this tutorial we printed our own Arduino Pro Mini board using a pen plotter and the Electroninks Circuit Scribe (a rollerball pen with highly conductive ink). Within 15 minutes we printed the board, placed components down with glue or tape, and uploaded a sketch.
paper  circuit  paperduino  circuitscribe  ink  conductive 
august 2017 by cyberchucktx
Velostat is a piezoresistive material, meaning it’s electrical resistance decreases when pressured. When sandwiched between two conductive layers, it has a wonderful range for making pressure and bend sensors. It can also be used for resistive sensing over distance, position sensing.
velostat  conductive  diy  pressure-sensor 
august 2017 by lynx
Conduct — UM Project
Collective Design Fair, New York

Flavor Paper and UM Project have joined forces to develop an interactive
wall covering product combining conductive wallpaper and functional
devices. The low tech-high touch integration of 2D and 3D elements creates
a novel and immersive experience.

conductive  wall  interactive  wallpaper  makey 
july 2017 by ashwath22

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