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A recording has been released of a never-before-heard Led Zeppelin show from 1972 - Led Zeppelin News
A recording has been unofficially released online of a previously unheard Led Zeppelin show.
A tape of Led Zeppelin’s December 3, 1972 performance at Green’s Playhouse in Glasgow was discovered late last year and emerged online on February 13.
The recording is the first time that the show has been heard, as no other recordings of the performance have emerged until now.
A tape of the band’s December 4 performance at the same venue has already been released.
The recording of the December 3 show was announced in a private Facebook group in December.
Here’s the setlist of the show, according to the recording...
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RELIQUARY: Led Zeppelin - How The East Was Won (EVSD 1056-1057) [SBD]
Led Zeppelin
'How The East Was Won'
(EVSD 1056/1057 + 2 Promo Singles)
(2018 Empress Valley Supreme Disc)
Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Wednesday September 29th, 1971 
Soundboard Recording
Digital Master Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
View the Concert Programme (Online Flipbook):
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Immigrant Song
02. Heartbreaker
03. Since I’ve Been Loving You
04. Dazed And Confused
05. Stairway To Heaven
06. Friends
07. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
08. What Is And What Should Never Be
09. Moby Dick
10. Communication Breakdown
11. Rock And Roll
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John Paul Jones and Thurston Moore Announce Collaborative Concert | Music News | Consequence of Sound
The one-off concert also features improvisational jazz drummer Steven Noble
Two titans of rock will join forces next month for what will surely go down as a collaboration for the ages. John Paul Jones, bassist and keyboardist of the legendary Led Zeppelin, and Thurston Moore, of experimental icons Sonic Youth, are set to perform together at a London fundraising event on March 28th.
Taking place at the 100 Club, the event marks the culmination of annual fundraising efforts by community radio station Resonance FM. The non-profit station has been broadcasting since 1998 thanks to the efforts of the London Musicians’ Collective charity.
Jones and Moore’s one-off collaboration will undoubtedly draw enough attention to keep Resonance running healthily for a good while. The duo will be joined by improvisational jazz drummer Steven Noble, known for his work with the likes of Derek Bailer, Joe McPhee, and Matthew Shipp. Resonance plugs the performance as a “unique musical meeting of three of the most inventive performers of our time — for perhaps the only time.”
Tickets are going for about $65 and are available now.
Jones previously teamed with Moore and Sonic Youth in 2009 for a stage show called Nearly Ninety to celebrate choreographer Merce Cunningham’s 90th birthday. The event took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music just months before Cunningham’s death.
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Remembering the Boston Show That Prophesized the Rise of Led Zeppelin | Consequence of Sound
A look back at a mythic night that fans are still talking about 50 years later
This year marks half a century since the official debut of Led Zeppelin. Let that sink in.
We all know at first the critics didn’t know what to think of Led Zeppelin, the group’s initial offering to the world in 1969  — now one of the most influential records in history. What may not be known is this self-titled album — which, to refresh your memory, contains “Good Times Bad Times”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, and “Dazed and Confused” to name a few — was recorded mostly live, overdubbed, and mixed all in just 36 hours, with a reported self-fund of £1,782. If Jimmy Page should be accused of any black magic…
Partially in support of the album’s release in January 1969, and partially because super-manager Peter Grant got the green light from promoters after a tour cancellation by the Jeff Beck Group, the English four set off on their first North American tour from December 1968 through February 1969, “knowing they had captured lightning in a bottle,” as one longtime fan described it, “and they were lean, mean, hungry … (and) out to show everybody what they could do.”
And they did just that. But out of the 36 dates that completely captured and overwhelmed audiences with their monstrous, otherworldly sound, and probably also with Robert Plant’s gigantic bulge, there was one show in particular that single-handedly foreshadowed how monumental Zeppelin would become: January 26th, 1969 — the fourth and final show at Boston Tea Party.
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Watch The Beatles Play Their Final Concert 50 Years Ago | Video | Consequence of Sound
In 1969, the Fab Four played their last public performance
Editor’s Note: This article, written by Josh Terry, was originally published in 2014. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary concert, we’re re-publishing it today.
Fifty years ago today, The Beatles played their final show ever.
Back before elaborate album rollouts and surprise releases, the Liverpool quartet spontaneously previewed songs from their forthcoming album Let It Be to scores of Londoners, staging an impromptu 42-minute set on the rooftop of Apple, their label, on Savile Row.
Before Metropolitan police eventually halted the performance, filmmakers captured not only the memorable set, but also the reactions of its attendees and those in the nearby area. While the January 30th, 1969 event luckily made its way onto the Let It Be documentary, the unannounced rooftop concert ultimately signaled the last time people would see the Beatles perform together live.
Getting The Beatles to play any kind of a show during that time was surprising, considering they officially stopped touring in 1966. This was partially due to the legions of loyal fans drowning out their concerts, as well the obstacle of not being able to perform some of their new material’s more complicated arrangements live. Despite their fatigue with playing traditional gigs, the band wanted to continue premiering and recording new music.
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Watch Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Sing “Shallow” For First Time Live | Video | Consequence of Sound
A Star is Born collaborators reunite during Gaga's concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night
Next month, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are expected to take the stage at the Academy Awards to perform their Oscar-nominated song, “Shallow” from A Star is Born, before inevitably returning to the stage to give an acceptance speech after winning Best Original Song. In anticipation, the duo got a chance to rehearse the song live for the first time during Gaga’s concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night.
Cooper watched Gaga’s ENIGMA show from the audience for most of the night, but towards the end of the evening, Gaga brought him on stage to sing his part on “Shallow”. Despite singing the song multiple times in the film, Cooper told the crowd that he had never worn in ears monitors prior to tonight. Watch fan-shot footage of the performance below.
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RELIQUARY: Led Zeppelin - Earl's Court 1975 Official Programme Book
Led Zeppelin
Earl's Court 1975 Official Programme 
16 full scanned pages : JPG files : Size 3 MB
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🎸 retransmet en direct le parisien d’ le 30.01 à 19h30.
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