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multivariate analysis - Is it possible to have a pair of Gaussian random variables for which the joint distribution is not Gaussian? - Cross Validated
The bivariate normal distribution is the exception, not the rule!

It is important to recognize that "almost all" joint distributions with normal marginals are not the bivariate normal distribution. That is, the common viewpoint that joint distributions with normal marginals that are not the bivariate normal are somehow "pathological", is a bit misguided.

Certainly, the multivariate normal is extremely important due to its stability under linear transformations, and so receives the bulk of attention in applications.

note: there is a multivariate central limit theorem, so those such applications have no problem
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october 2017 by nhaliday
Hoeffding’s Inequality
basic idea of standard pf: bound e^{tX} by line segment (convexity) then use Taylor expansion (in p = b/(b-a), the fraction of range to right of 0) of logarithm
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february 2017 by nhaliday
st.statistics - Lower bound for sum of binomial coefficients? - MathOverflow
- basically approximate w/ geometric sum (which scales as final term) and you can get it up to O(1) factor
- not good enough for many applications (want 1+o(1) approx.)
- Stirling can also give bound to constant factor precision w/ more calculation I believe
- tighter bound at Section 7.3 here:
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february 2017 by nhaliday
Prékopa–Leindler inequality | Academically Interesting
Consider the following statements:
1. The shape with the largest volume enclosed by a given surface area is the n-dimensional sphere.
2. A marginal or sum of log-concave distributions is log-concave.
3. Any Lipschitz function of a standard n-dimensional Gaussian distribution concentrates around its mean.
What do these all have in common? Despite being fairly non-trivial and deep results, they all can be proved in less than half of a page using the Prékopa–Leindler inequality.

ie, Brunn-Minkowski
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february 2017 by nhaliday

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