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Legal Legacies: Milestones In Satellite History - From our Archive - Via Satellite -
Communications Satellite Act
Domestic Satellites - "Open Skies"
Earth Stations
Reduced Orbital Spacing
The Transponder Sales Decision
Separate (from Intelsat) Systems
Satellite Radio
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Legal Legacies: Milestones In Satellite History - From our Archive - Via Satellite - Dec 2017
" the end of 1958 the tenuous principle of ‘freedom of space’ had been established. By allowing the Soviet Union to lead in this area, the Russian space program had established the U.S.-backed precedent for free access,” Launius explained.

" Half of the shares would be sold to the general public, and the other half to established international carriers. Comsat would be the U.S. member of Intelsat, which would operate the international satellite system."

"The United States was the third country, after Canada (Telesat) and Russia (Molniya), to launch domestic satellites."
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Little’s Law, Scalability and Fault Tolerance: The OS is your bottleneck. What you can do?
good blog post on Little's Law, plugging quasar, pulsar, and comsat, 3 new open-source libs offering Erlang-like lightweight threads on the JVM
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The Comsat Angels - Live Dates Archive
05.10.80 London Lyceum, England supporting Pink Military, Killing Joke, Wah! Heat, & Liliput

Missing In Action/ Baby/ Real Story/ Dark Parade/ Total War/ Waiting For A Miracle/ Independence Day/ Eye Of The Lens
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