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Boolean Logic in Polynomials | Math ∩ Programming
Discussion: This trick is used all over CS theory to embed boolean logic within polynomials, and it makes the name “boolean algebra” obvious, because it’s just a subset of normal algebra.

Moreover, since boolean satisfiability—the problem of algorithmically determining if a boolean formula has a satisfying assignment (a choice of variables evaluating to true)—is NP-hard, this can be used to show certain problems relating to multivariable polynomials is also hard. For example, finding roots of multivariable polynomials (even if you knew nothing about algebraic geometry) is hard because you’d run into NP-hardness by simply considering the subset of polynomials coming from boolean formulas.
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Eyeo 2017 - Robin Sloan on Vimeo
"Robin Sloan at Eyeo 2017
| Writing with the Machine |

Language models built with recurrent neural networks are advancing the state of the art on what feels like a weekly basis; off-the-shelf code is capable of astonishing mimicry and composition. What happens, though, when we take those models off the command line and put them into an interactive writing environment? In this talk Robin presents demos of several tools, including one presented here for the first time. He discusses motivations and process, shares some technical tips, proposes a course for the future — and along the way, write at least one short story together with the audience: all of us, and the machine."
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Storage Spaces Overview
Storage Spaces enables cost-effective, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solutions for business-critical (virtual or physical) deployments. Storage Spaces delivers sophisticated storage virtualization capabilities, which empower customers to use industry-standard storage for single computer and scalable multi-node deployments. It is appropriate for a wide range of customers, including enterprise and cloud hosting companies, which use Windows Server for highly available storage that can cost-effectively grow with demand.
Windows  PC  PCGaming  Technology  Virtualization  Computers  Computing  HDDs  HardDrives  EHD  SSDs  Reference  Microsoft  Windows8  Windows10 
2 days ago by dk33per
The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed
He influenced Jobs and dreamed up a digital future designed for learning and thinking. Fifty years on, Alan Kay is still waiting for his dream to come true.
apple  computing  education 
3 days ago by soobrosa
Is This Real Or Are We Living In A Simulation? - Digg
If we assume that super-advanced civilizations like to run simulations, then yes, chances are we are living a simulated reality.
philosophy  Computing 
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The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed
He influenced Jobs and dreamed up a digital future designed for learning and thinking. Fifty years on, Alan Kay is still waiting for his dream to come true.
apple  computing  education  alankay  technology  iphone 
4 days ago by lkovanen
The Benefits of Secure Remote Access for Your Law Firm
With internet access and the proper technology, associates, partners, and other staff can all work remotely.
remote  office  secure  access  cloud  computing 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Waymo and Intel Join Forces to Create New Waymo Autonomous Vehicles
Waymo and Intel has just announced that both company will work together to build the newest Waymo autonomous vehicles. Waymo’s in-house designers will design and build the entire Chrysler Pacifica minivan hybrid by themselves. Meanwhile, Intel will provide the computing technology as well as the most advanced processors that can be used in Waymo’s platform.
self-driving  cars  Waymo  autonomous  vehicles  Chrysler  Pacifica  computing  technology  with  Intel 
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