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Quantum Computing - IBM Q - US
IBM is building the first universal quantum computers for business and science.
quantum  computing 
18 hours ago by geetarista
How low (power) can you go? - Charlie's Diary
So for the cost of removing chewing gum, a city in 2030 will be able to give every square metre of its streets the processing power of a 2012 tablet computer
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yesterday by kybernetikos
How to program a quantum computer – Dr James Wootton – Medium
Quantum computers are a weird new kind of computer. They burn through unthinkable numbers of parallel universes to run programs faster, and use principles that confounded even Einstein. They are the…
quantum  computing 
yesterday by geetarista
Quantum Computing Might Be Here Sooner Than You Think - Bloomberg
Teams at startups, universities,  government labs, and companies like IBM are racing to build computers that could potentially solve some problems that are now intractable.
quantum  computing 
3 days ago by geetarista

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