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Great Practical Ideas (GPI) is a course for first-year CS students at Carnegie Mellon University. It covers topics relating to basic terminal usage and general Unix skills, such as file systems and navigation, bash scripting, Unix text editors (i.e. Vim), Git, Make, LaTeX, and more.
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2 days ago by e2b
Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming
A comprehensive programming textbook that
covers all important programming paradigms in a unified framework
that is both practical and theoretically sound.
Special attention is given to concurrent programming and data abstraction.
The textbook uses the Oz multiparadigm programming language for its examples.
programming  book  computerscience  computing 
2 days ago by e2b
JS First
We want students to learn and love computer science. Acquiring programming skills helps the field become alive for them, and allows them to make their own contributions to the wealth of human knowledge. To give them this enjoyment, we have to kindle their interest early and keep them from getting discouraged. I’ve found that starting with JavaScript (at least as opposed to Java or C++) helps.
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4 days ago by csantos
China on AI
Chinese government investing heavily in AI research
ai  china  unitedstates  america  trump  politics  computerscience 
10 days ago by nelson
HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons – freeCodeCamp
Learn how HTTPS works by reading about Alice, Bob and a lot of carrier pigeons
dev  security  computerscience  article  tutorial  https  networking  cryptography 
11 days ago by wwwald
Why CS students *must* learn C as their main programming language
Disclaimer: this post is sort of a motivating post for students. Professional programmers may find it uninteresting or painful (especially if you code in C# or Java or JavaScript). C is the hardest…
cpp  first  language  learning  computerscience  student  education 
11 days ago by gilberto5757
Computer Architecture - ETH Zürich - Fall 2017 - YouTube - YouTube
Onur Mutlu's lecture videos from the Computer Architecture course taught at ETH Zürich in Fall 2017. Course website including all slides and assignments: htt...
computer  architecture  computerscience  compsci  video 
13 days ago by e2b

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