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How to Conserve Your Laptop Battery
Conserving your laptop battery can be a bit of an art. Here’s everything you need to know about how to improve your laptop battery life.
laptop  batteries  technology  computers 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Qix-/better-exceptions: Pretty and useful exceptions in Python, automatically.
RT @nedbat: Very cool Python package to add value annotations to exception tracebacks:
computers  python  debugging  programming 
4 days ago by pozorvlak
Learn X in Y minutes
Take a whirlwind tour of your next favorite (programming) language. Community-driven!
reference  resources  programming  coding  computers 
5 days ago by sesshiyuki
A First Splash Into JavaScript by Mozilla Developer Network:
Part of Mozilla's 'Learn Web Development' section - also useful are their guides on how to get started with css and html.
resources  reference  programming  coding  computers 
5 days ago by sesshiyuki
Html / css workmanship guide
Write front-end code that's durable, reliable
and would make NASA proud.
resources  reference  coding  programming  computers 
5 days ago by sesshiyuki
One click to be a pro (at programming)
A list of the best resources to help you become a pro (at programming).
resources  reference  computers  programming  languages 
5 days ago by sesshiyuki

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