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Suumer School 2017: Topic Explorations
Topic Explorations are computational essays exploring wide ranging subject areas expressed through the Wolfram Language as succinct representations of high-level ideas, and formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand. The Topic Explorations in this collection were produced by students at the 2017 Wolfram Summer School, reflecting each of their individual areas of interest.
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yesterday by msszczep
Finally, a Problem That Only Quantum Computers Will Ever Be Able to Solve | Quanta Magazine
Computer scientists have been searching for years for a type of problem that a quantum computer can solve but that any possible future classical computer cannot. Now they’ve found one.
Early on in the study of quantum computers, computer scientists posed a question whose answer, they knew, would reveal something deep about the power of these futuristic machines. Twenty-five years later, it’s been all but solved. In a paper posted online at the end of May, computer scientists Ran Raz and Avishay Tal provide strong evidence that quantum computers possess a computing capacity beyond anything classical computers could ever achieve.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Web Audio Modem
Breaking air-gaps using HTML5 Web Audio to create a modem.
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5 days ago by pozorvlak
BeeGFS - The Leading Parallel Cluster File System
BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers. By increasing the number of servers and disks in the system, you can simply scale performance and capacity of the file system to the level that you need, seamlessly from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes.
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5 days ago by zeest
Trident Tutorial
High-level distributed Java stream processing API built on top of Apache Storm.
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5 days ago by pozorvlak

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