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Learning to Reconstruct People | Sricharan Chiruvolu
"The intension of this blogpost is to accumulute the current research in recovering human shape from images/video in one place and possibly provide a primer for someone interested in the field."
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Calibrated Cameras in OpenGL without glFrustum ←
"You've calibrated your camera. You've decomposed it into intrinsic and extrinsic camera matrices. Now you need to use it to render a synthetic scene in OpenGL. You know the extrinsic matrix corresponds to the modelview matrix and the intrinsic is the projection matrix, but beyond that you're stumped. You remember something about gluPerspective, but it only permits two degrees of freedom, and your intrinsic camera matrix has five. glFrustum looks promising, but the mapping between its parameters and the camera matrix aren't obvious and it looks like you'll have to ignore your camera's axis skew. You may be asking yourself, "I have a matrix, why can't I just use it?"

You can. And you don't have to jettison your axis skew, either. "
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11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Arducam OV9281 MIPI 1MP Monochrome Global Shutter Camera Module for Raspberry Pi
Arducam OV9281 MIPI 1MP Monochrome Global Shutter Camera Module for Raspberry Pi
Electronics  computer_vision 
april 2019 by kersny
GitHub - inspirit/jsfeat: JavaScript Computer Vision library.
"The project aim is to explore JS/HTML5 possibilities using modern & state-of-art computer vision algorithms."
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april 2019 by mechazoidal

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